Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pie Post

Who has 2 thumbs and ate 3 consecutive slices of pumpkin pie tonight?

THIS girl.

I feel so accomplished looking down at a half-eaten pie, knowing I made that happen. 

And speaking of pies,  Sean and I spent 2 hours making these babies yesterday.

I know. I know. Tiny pies of adorablesness.  As i've said before, I love small things.  The A pies are little apple pies.  The B pies are blueberry.  Then there's lemon which = scooping a blob of lemon curd into a pie shell.  Fancy.  Have I mentioned how much I love the curd?  Then the 3 pumpkins, and to the right are 3 banana creams,  aka one slice of a banana on the bottom and vanilla pudding on top. ARGGGH so cute! Love the singular banana slices.  And the pudding was delish.  The chocolate is ganache a la Sean with a miniature peanut butter cup nestled in the middle.  GAAH. Too much smallness. Too much!!!

Well, the annual pie/chili cookoff is next weekend.  Are we competing?  Probably.  My goal: Make an unextraordinary pie yet make it look amazing and give it a fancy name. I'm pretty sure that is key in winning. Because when you've got yourself a "Lemon Berry Souffle Pie" that looks like this, how can you not win?  But we won't make that one again.  Probably ever.  Ever.

Wish us luck. 

And how are you doing on your pie-eating quest this fall? Good luck to you.


B-Dub said...

Remember how I was at last year's pie/chili cook-off and we finally got to meet IRL??? And you dressed as Katniss??? Magical times. I cry when I think of not being there again this year. Good luck!!

Brooke said...

I think you meant that the B stands for Brooke.

Rob said...

Small things are the worst. Because I eat 20 of them and don't think about it.

)en said...

But Rob, don't you know? 20 small things = 1 regular thing. So it's no biggie.

Rob said...

20 small things = 1 big thing (my belly)

Valerie said...

Those banana cream pies rocked my world. Granted, my world has gotten a little smaller lately, but I don't think that's relevant.