Thursday, August 04, 2011


It's a law of science that miniature things always = cute and in the case of food, always = better.  We recently attended a food gathering where the theme was "miniatures" and Sean and i finally were able to bust out our mini donut pan.  That's right.  Behold!

Here's a close-up of the most perfect doughnut in the bunch:

So, the garish colors were my idea. Way to take it ugly, jen. Sean made this nice pink and then i was like, "how about--how about-- bright.. TURQUOISE??"  and then i made that scary green up there. I feel like that's the one Voldemort would choose if presented with a tray of these doughnuts.   But MAN they are cute.

Here's a picture for scale:

Awww, so small!!  p.s. bonus points if you can guess the phrase Sean's shirt is saying? p.p.s. all 3 of us have one.

Our recipe made regular doughnuts but we decided to make some chocolate ones as well.

With a bit o' ganache topping on some and powdered sugar for others. Head dangerously close to exploding at this point.  And then Sean decided to whip up a mint glaze:

 GAAAH!!  *explosion*   I know... I know. 

p.s. extra bonus points if you can guess what that neon green thing is in the corner.

Last summer was the summer of the avocado.  This year it's the summer of the mini-grape.  Behold these:

WHAT?!? They're so small!!!  They're called "bunchkins" and I die each time i look at them. We get them from the green cart guy down the street. He has a fruit cart/stand set up and we'll sometimes pick up some fruits on a walk.  They're so deliciously small.

And here's a picture of Julian, who's pretty miniature. Splashing around at the playground around the corner.

I wish i had a waffle with MY name on it... jealous. I love that we forced him to eat this just because it has his name. "Eat this--EAT IT."    j/k it was delicious.

and at the library. I'm beginning to think that all businesses should come with fountains.   Love these cute little ones.

I love small things.  
To see other small foods at the miniatures party, go see Amberbop.


Joel said...

"Jurassic Parka?" It looks like a dinosaur skeleton wearing a coat.

)en said...


Pedersen Posse said...

Lovely. Was the recipe as tasty as it looks? If so share... maybe a tutorial. The only bad thing about the mini donuts would be my justifying eating more of them than I should because of their tiny size. How long did they last? Did your family enjoy them all? Or did they make it to a party or perhaps a gift? Just curious.

Brooke said...

Please send mini donuts now. Especially minty ones. Thanks.

Valerie said...

I require one of those mini chocolate donuts. I was thisclose to buying a bag of Entenmann's at Target on Wednesday, but James dissuaded me by pointing out that they looked like they were pulled out of a storage box dated pre-internet. I still wish I had them.

)en said...

Valerie, NO. Just say no to Entenmann's. Tell James I'd be happy to co-stage an intervention.

p.s. open-faced choco-granola bars are making all my dreams come true.

)en said...

(These, for people who want to be in the know.)

Alanna said...

Could not figure out the shirt at all. I'm glad your other readers are smarter than I am! And I love the picture of Julian eating the waffle, partly because you can see his name so well, but mostly because he totally has a look on his face that says, "Mom is forcing me to do this."