Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Soooo...   I know buses.  I've lived in a big city for 8 years, I've hugely depended on public transportation for most of them.  I've taken a lot of buses.  I've waited for buses that never came.  I've fine-tuned my ears to be able to identify when a bus is coming and roughly how many yards away it is.  I used to live on a very busy street.  I now live on the ground floor of an apartment where my bedroom windows are 7 feet away from the busy sidewalk, and 20 feet down from a bus stop.  I know the sound of a bus.

Also: I've seen Jurassic Park many times in my life.  I really wonder how many times. I know it's a lot.  I love dinosaurs. I think I know dinosaurs. At least Jurassic Park dinosaurs. 

And I'm pretty certain that they used sounds a city bus makes to make the roar of a T-Rex.  Someone do some internet research and verify this, will you? 

It might be considered annoying to keep hearing buses pass all day, and it might be, if it but were for the T-Rex. I don't hate feeling like there's a T-Rex roaring by several times.  Especially because he's not once come in my house to eat me (I hold real still).


Ashley said...

I believe you, but I'd still like to hear a sound clip. Maybe you could work on that.

Or next time I come visit, I'm bringing huge flashlights to shine out the window when you hear the roar.

Natalie R. said...

That is so awesome, I wish I could get to NYC right now just to hear a bus and compare it to a T-Rex roar!!

I was teaching Samuel how to walk like a T-Rex the other day. Good times!! Someday we should watch Jurassic Park together, it's one of my all-time favorite movies!

Valerie said...

Maybe it's BECAUSE you've depended on buses for so long that you like the sound of it approaching. It sounds like a relief.

Apart from that, I love street noise. I even like the fire department next door to us. If we ever move, I'm going to have to get a special white noise machine made that will replicate the sound of brooklyn traffic and late night drunks.

That's going to get pricey.

)en said...

As an infant, Julian was lulled to sleep by sirens of all kinds. A friend asked us if we ever called the police just to get him to go to sleep. I laughed and am tempted to claim this statement as my own, but she might be reading this.

Incidentally, Julian can hear a siren in the far-off distance and accurately identify it (and I can too, for that matter).