Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to make a mini-hexagonal trifle layer cake

I know so many useful recipes. Sean and I joined forces for another ingenious creation. Here are the photos and instructions.

1. Make a cake of some kind. This one was a white cake. Cut it into a cool shape like a hexagon. (we're making two here) Cut the hexagon horizontally into 3rds. Periodically gorge self on leftover cake wedges. Force self to throw them away lest you eat it all before you get to the actual dessert.

2. Make a strawberry sauce with strawberries, sugar, and the Cuisinart mini mate plus- chopper/grinder, the tiniest thing you've ever seen. I can hold it between my thumb and middle finger.

3. Spoon strawberry sauce over bottom layer.

4. Add sliced bananas.

5. Add middle cake layer and repeat steps 3 & 4. Remark how cool it's looking and declare another Law of Food stating that foods with layers are always more fun.

6. Add the top layer of cake and admire your little cake sandwich. Remark nerdily to no one in particular, "oh ho, we're not done yet!"

7. Whip a small bowl of cream. Before it's 100% whipped, add a heaping blob of lemon curd to it and finish whipping. Taste it. Die in ecstasy. Come back to life. Refrain from licking lemon curd directly from the jar. Be grateful sort of, that the jar is small so you can't stick your whole head in it. Go on and on and on about how you love lemon curd.

8. Take the whipped lemon cream and slather it all over the hexagonal cakes. Hear spouse say, "this is the perfect activity for a frustrated painter."

9. Using blueberries, kiwi, and strawberry slices, decorate the cakes. Compare your cake to your spouse's. Steal all the blueberries so they don't have any to decorate with. Try to outline the top with blueberries to make a hexagon but end up having a 7-sided shape, somehow. septagon? Take several pictures to show the cakes in their glory.

10. At long last, partake of your hexagonal trifle layer cake. Bask in its sweet tartness. Love the layers. Love the cake.


Lianna said...

That's way too many steps for me, but it sure looks yummy. I was actually dreaming about desserts this morning. All that fruit looks healthy, I applaud your creation

Brooke said...

Stopping typing about this deliciousness and make and send me some!

Rob said...

heptagon. That is all.

Ruthie said...

wow, i think i need to eat this...soon!

ps-i've started just keeping up with my blog-reading through the Blogger dashboard and it lame-ingly doesn't track yours so I forget to catch up on my Jen's-blog-reading for awhile. Then I remember and I rejoice while reading all your new posts.

Michelle said...

Pretty! That looks super tastey.

KamilahNYC said...

Favorite line from tutorial: "Taste it. Die in ecstasy. Come back to life."
looks delish.

)en said...

um, i love "tutorial." note to self: use this term from now on.

ruthie, sorry my blog is uncooperative. I'd explain why but it's not very interesting. thanks for checking in.

rob: of course. i feel silly.

brooke why don't you just come out and i'll make it for you. eh?

lianna, yesss.. the fruit is healthy..yess, what a healthy dessert. ;)

Pedersen Posse said...

ohhh... how yummy! Maybe I should have had you and Sean make Isaac's birthday cake. (see my blog)

I realize how little I know about food when I read your recipes. Lemon curd? Haven't heard of it.