Monday, April 22, 2013

Jen's Birthday Wish

In completely out-of-left-field news, my birthday is this week. Saturday, to be exact.  Birthday Week is well underway but more on that later.

In December I went to see The Hobbit with my family. On the walk through the hallways and corridors to the theater, i came face-to-face with a movie poster that, for the second time in my life, would change my life.  It was this:

It's back. In 3D.  Celebrating 20 years.  Excited/scared about the possibilities of the 3-dimensional dinosaurs, mostly I'm just beyond psyched to get to see this movie in the theaters again.   So I vowed in that December moment to see this for my birthday.  And I will. A month ago I sent out a Save The Date evite to everyone I could think of, inviting them to see the movie with me on Saturday.  If you didn't get it, YOU ARE INVITED.  Make no mistake. Because nothing would make me happier than to share this experience with the entire human race, but primarily, my friends and people i actually know and care about.  If you live around here, I'm seeing it 4/27 at 7:45 at the Court Street theater in B-town.  Come at 7:00 for some JP trivia. If you don't live here, I invite you to go see it at a theater near you, in honor of a girl whose psyche is riddled with Jurassic Park, it's kind of scary, and also in honor of the dinosaurs.    This, friends, is my birthday wish.

p.s. Jen & Jurassic Park: A Brief Blog History

Thirteen was a very pivotal year for me. 
Jurassic Park is a big part of who I am today.
I love the music. And sounds. It continues to come up at random moments in my life.
It soothes me when I'm ailing. 
As mentioned, it's settled deep into my subconscious, there to stay.
(And here, just because it makes me laugh)


Brooke said...

Happy, happy birthday week, Jen!

Anthony and Rene said...

Oh my gosh when I even think of Jurassic Park I think of lie!!!! I remember how much you played it on the piano and being uber jealous that you could play it. I hope you had a fabulous b day!!!