Sunday, December 16, 2018

A Celebration of History

"My story began when I started my journal" I said to Sean, on this, the 25th anniversary of the inaugural entry of my journal. " My life before that is vague images, far away and almost lost to me."

"The definition of the beginning of history is when people began writing things down. Anything before that is pre-history," he said in reply. 

The word "pre-historic" means before the invention of writing.

I have mentioned this before, but I often (still) think about a question I enjoy which is, how old were you when you became who you are?  Is there an origin you can trace yourself back to? A certain birth of self?   13 was always my answer.  I have attributed this to a certain year in Junior High, doing certain things that I felt were me in the process of self-discovery. I have included starting my journal as a part of why I feel this way but I don't think it was the start because it happened to be when i began keeping a journal. The act of keeping a journal triggered the start of me, if that makes sense, which it may not.  I started writing down my life and thus it became truly mine, to keep and look back on forever.  I'd feel lost in space without it. And it begs the question: Would I be me if I never wrote it down? Does a story untold exist at all?  Also, if all this is true, that would actually make me 25 years old, and that sounds cool.

Don't worry, I'm not going to put in old journal excerpts-- buuut I AM going to include links to past blog posts with journal excerpts! But listen. I found this one and was dying at the things mentioned.  First of all:  At this very moment, Sean and Julian are downstairs waiting for me to finish so we can watch A Christmas Carol(!!)  We go to this play every year and it's the best. However, this year we missed it because opted to go to another play happening this year which was a musical of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever(!!!) Also mentioned in that blog post from four years ago(!!)  And we loved it. But see? Isn't it crazy? What's happening? I guess I'm blogging at Christmastime in all of these blog posts is what's happening. But still.   I'm loving the connection, I don't care how non-coincidental it may be. Also I'm loving those Jessie Spano vests which I was JUST talking about in Christmas Clothes.  So you see? I will forever be who I am.  And I think that's something to be celebrated. 

We're silver this year. {heart}  Happy Journalversary.

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