Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Clothes

Every once in a while, Sean and I serendipitously and simultaneously find the same category of item. It's super random, nothing really comes of it, but I know it's meant to be.  Remember the keychain incident? (The pictures don't work but it's still worth mentioning.) That was crazy.

Well, over Thanksgiving, we visited an antique shop that had a lot of recent acquisitions.  We both walked toward the clothing area and simultaneously found VESTS.  Wonderful vests.  And like mirror reflections, we simultaneously put them on.  And took pictures. 


Sooo great.  Sean left his at the shop but mine came home with me.  Handmade with 3 (6?) double-breasted buttons at the bottom. I don't really know what that means. All I know is there are 3, less ornate hidden inner buttons to ensure closure.  So good. I wear it as often as possible. I had Julian snap another pic:

Then one day we were in the mall and I spotted a hat that I made Julian wear. He agreed he thought it was cool, but now I'm not so sure.  He's worn it to school a couple times to make me happy but thinks he'll be ridiculed by the kids so hasn't worn it much after that, which is tragic.  Especially because he pulls it off so well, and everyone knows if you believe you can pull it off, everyone else will believe you.

"cool kid" pic face(?)

So funny.


Joel said...

I dig the leather vest for Sean. He should have kept it.

I hate how other kids influence what my children want to wear. It's soul-sucking. Let them be happy and wear their Elsa hoodies!

Joel said...

Side note: I love vests in general. I wish they were more generally accepted. I have a casual vest I want to wear all the time but fear the ridicule. I also often wear a vest to church when I don't feel like a suit coat, so it's a little more dressy and neat looking without being quite so formal. I may teach the sunbeams, but I don't have to look like I've totally given up on myself.

)en said...

I think I can only wear vests when they're blatantly ridiculous. Which is why I love my handmade Christmas vest. Like, a vest in its purest form. Handmade, bright green, Christmas decoration. But I definitely wore my share of Jessie Spano vests in the 90's. Which is probably why I otherwise have an aversion to them. 90's fashion can just stay the hey away from me. Sean and I saw some very 90's plaid the other day and we both got quiet and shuddered a little bit. But who knows what will happen. Maybe I just need to give it time.