Saturday, December 15, 2018

Cat on a Cold Ice Roof

For a big family Christmas dinner, Sean and I are bringing a Christmas roast. Two, actually. (See previous post)  It's going to be so beautiful. I have complete faith in Sean. Tonight we prepared the rub so it can sit overnight.  Julian was assigned to grind 3 tablespoons of fresh pepper which, in case you're wondering, takes infinity minutes.  He worked so hard and got so tired. I held the tablespoon out for him even though pepper was flying in every direction.    Sean finely chopped the rosemary and added the olive oil to create what smelled like the most intense pesto ever.  As I watched him slather the sauce all over the meats, Sean remarked:

"Smells like pesto. Pesto that'll burn your face off,"  which gave me a laugh.   I asked him if he wanted a spoon to scrape the last bits of rosemary rub out of the bowl.

"Nah,"  he said. "No better tool than your hands."

To which I replied, "That's... not true."  And we both simultaneously gave funny examples.  I said, "why don't you go and hammer that nail with your hands" while he said, "...stir a pot of boiling pasta..."  which made me laugh again.   

Sean said, "it takes half a second to think of a counter example when you're just plain wrong." 

As I continued to giggle through this whole thing, he went on,

"When I'd be watching The Frugal Gourmet as a tween..."   and that's when I had to pause and scribble on a post-it everything that had just transpired.  

 As a bonus funny thing, during all of this, I heard our cat mew from the outside which means he needs to come in (unnecessary explanation).  Sean opened the door and exclaimed, "well look at you! What are you doing up there? Do you want to come in or are you just showing off?"

I came over to investigate and saw this:

He stood there for a while and then we watched him do almost a vertical swan dive straight down to the ground and land perfectly on his paws.   I applauded, "well done! 10!"  And Sean said, "Just what he wanted.  'yes, I am a gifted athlete!'"

Afterwhich we shut the door and Sean continued, "Anyway, so the Frugal Gourmet always said to get your hands messy..." 


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