Monday, December 17, 2018

Johnny Cash Christmas II

 Oh man, Johnny Cash does it again.  His Christmas music KILLS me.  Every time I hear a song I imagine the day of recording being something like,

Everything is ready--musicians, backup vocalists. It's all set up. Producers (or whoever) nervously wait to see if Johnny shows up, knowing that each minute that passes costs them more and more cash, (ironically). 

Johnny finally does show up, staggers in a little bit tipsy but enthusiastic. Everyone sighs in relief and just as he begins to record, he pauses, turns to the people in the booth and says, "Now, remind me of the words again?"

The way he sings these songs is just so funny, this one in particular.  Sean and I heard it a few days ago and after a few seconds of it, we both just looked at each other and stared for a minute.  It was so utterly bizarre.  What I love is how he seems to hold the notes the completely wrong way. For instance, the he holds out the M, which is a really funny consonant to sing for an extended period. Like, are you humming? Maybe instead of holding the consonant, you hold the vowel? I mean I'm no expert. But he's all, 

"O commme  all ye faithful, joyful and triummmmphant."  Like with vibrato and everything.  Weird.

Then later,

"O come let us adorrrrre him." Like, why hold the R? Why can't you say "Adooooore him."  Who sings like this? Just makes me laugh.  Love that Johnny Cash Christmas.

Here's the link so you can enjoy for yourself.

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Joel said...

It's endearing, like when my kids sing along with the TV and get the words all wrong.