Monday, October 21, 2013

Would You Rather Throwback

It's been so long since I did a Would You Rather post.  They are fun and I miss them. Let's bring it back. But before we do, here's one I found to really get you in the holiday spirit.

Would you rather be forced to sit deadly still for 12 hours straight but not sleep -OR- keep constantly moving (walking, running, driving, etc.) for 36 hours straight?

This sounds terrible and I'm exhausted and stressed already just from imagining it.  Ok.  Sitting deadly still for 12 hours.  No.  I can't do it.  I would lose my mind. I can't talk to anybody?  Ugh.  So on the other hand, constantly moving for thirty-six hours?  UGH.  That's more than a day. That's a day and a half. (math whiz)  Driving doesn't sound so bad since I get to rest, but I'm going to seriously endanger myself and others if I'm doing it for 36 hours.  So let's say I'm just walking, not resting, no breaks.  I would collapse. In option A I would mentally collapse.   I am kind of a proponent of creating one's own zen place, achieving psychological victory over something challenging.  Maybe I could just take 12 hours to meditate achieve total enlightenment, which could be cool.  But I could get a lot done if I'm moving. Now THIS question is unanswerable. 

Sean has been considering this question and just walked by to tell me he thinks that holding deadly still for 12 hours would cause more physical harm than moving.  He's also coming up with alternatives for constantly moving, like rocking or wiggling which is just turning funny but opens up some more possibilities. What do you think?

Would you rather have a little man that lives in your mouth and incessantly hammers on your teeth with a pick -OR- coexist with a small bird that lives on your nose and yanks out your nose hairs at its discretion?

Where did i find all of these torture questions?  Getting your nose hairs pulled out sounds more painful, but NOBODY wants tooth pain. Tooth pain = nightmares coming your way. And can I still eat with this little man? Will I chew him up? If so, maybe I choose that one. Problem solved. And, with a bird on my nose, I won't be able to see very well.  I guess I choose A, given that I can chew and eat  the little man. (something i never thought i'd say) 

Would you rather descend from a helicopter 1,000 feet high by sliding down a 1,000 foot long metal pole -OR- by jumping, under the magical condition that promises you will be saved if you can land on your feet?

IF I can land on my feet? What kind of magical condition is this??  So all i have to do is throw my legs down and let the soles of my feet touch the earth and I will be saved? 

I just asked Sean who is back in the other room,  "do you think 1,000 feet would be enough time to get your body situated how you want it? like, if you jumped and had 1,000 feet before landing?"   

And he was confused? Needed more context?  Pah.

Sliding down a pole sounds really unpleasant, like it would get really hot.  Can I wear gloves? Maybe I could do it if i had gloves.  But if not, I think I choose B because at least it offers me a magical condition. 

Would you rather finally meet the person on whom you've had a tremendous romantic crush, when you are filthy after working all day on your car engine -OR- while dressed as a cartoon character for a costume party?

I'm confused. Why is either of these things so bad?  I feel like this question is geared more toward a teenager who's more self-conscious and awkward.  So I'm either working on a car engine which is totally cool and tough, and I assume I do what I love so I'm being true to myself, when I finally meet my romantic crush?  

Oh hey, this is just me, fixing cars. Doing what I do. Nice to meet you, finally. 

Why is this bad?  In the next one, I'm wearing a COSTUME at a costume party. And I assume since I'm meeting my crush, he's in a costume as well.   No, I don't get it, this question fails.  But I guess i choose option A because I hate not knowing anything about cars. 

Would you rather always have a strong wind in your face -OR- have to go through every minute of life in a wet drizzle? 

yet another torture question.  I don't want to constantly be wet. The life of a fish is no life for me.   The other day was a pretty windy day. Julian and I were in the subway waiting for a train and it was a serious wind tunnel. I think.... I choose option A, because I have short hair now.  

Would you rather have a 6 inch second toe -OR- a 6 inch thumb.

This one is impossible to answer but it made me laugh because apparently I have a stumpy second toe that warrants constant ridicule and taunting.  I never even realized I had a freakish toe and I still don't think I do. It's not that he's stumpy, he just has a lower base. And I love him.  As evidence of my trust and how comfortable I am with you guys, I'm putting pictures of my FEET on the internets.  These pics were just taken.

First, the left foot. The toes descend down in a perfectly fine, totally boring way.   But on the right foot--there he is, in all his little glory.  Reach for the stars, #2!  

I just sent Sean the pic of that one to say that Stumpy #2 says hi.   Oh hey, he just responded.

"Good morning, stumpy! Are you painting your nails, or just doing a morning full-body check?"   
 Obviously he should know it's for the blog.  

This leads me to wonder, do you have any bodily quirks that you're proud of? 

Here's another:

Would you rather leap from a hot tub into a snow bank -OR- leap from a snow bank into a hot tub?

My immediately reaction is that this question is stupid.  But for discussion's sake, let's ask some questions.  How am I dressed? Am i in a swimsuit or snowsuit? If I'm in a snowsuit and leap to the hot tub, do I strip first? Not that this really matters.  And I'm assuming the hot tub is a normal hot comfortable/relaxing temperature and not set the scald. That is the only condition where i can see wanting to leap into snow.  My friend Amy had a hot tub on her back patio and in the winter we'd run out and do snow angels and then jump into the hot tub. It was the best.  So B.

Let's wrap this up with one final word.

Would you rather discover space aliens that are superior to ourselves -OR- inferior?

Certainly there must be more intelligent life out there than us earthlings.  I mean, we haven't even discovered warp drive yet.  And until we do, we just have to wait until someone does something worthy of those superior beings' notice.  So let's all make that goal today, shall we? (if anyone understands this reference, you are my best friend)


Alanna said...

I pretty much agree with you on all of these, but ESPECIALLY the one about working on your car. If your crush isn't impressed by a girl who knows how to fix a car, then he is a loser. One of my biggest regrets from college is not taking that auto mechanics class I thought about taking...

MelBroek said...

I love this post. I probably start every comment here that way, but it's just as true every time.

These questions are so weird. Every time you post one of these I am more convinced that you actually came up with the questions yourself - just so you could have questions worthy of your answers. No judgment, just wanted to let you know I've caught on.

Also, I get the Cochrane reference at the end ;)