Monday, October 10, 2011

Would You Rather Monday

Would you rather spend the night in a dark cemetery -OR- in a supposed haunted house?

Jen: Hmm.   Well i don't want to be outside so much.

Sean: I was thinking i didn't want to be inside.

Jen: Really? Sleeping? Just for comfort's sake?

Sean: I guess I was thinking the house would be abandoned and full of bugs.

Jen: Yeah. I mean, can i sleep in a tent in the cemetery?  Do i have to sleep in a haunted bed in the house?

Sean: I don't believe in haunting. But in a cemetery there could be meddling teenagers.

Jen: hahaa.  I am kind of scared of teenagers.   I think I'm going to say cemetery. I don't love them but, I dunno... you could find a nice patch of grass somewhere where there isn't a grave. It'd be like the park.

Sean: would it bother you knowing there are all those bodies buried in the ground?

Jen: Yeah, i mean it does, a little. Already.  But, all i know is you can totally get creeped out being home alone at night in your own house.   On the other hand, i've never been in a cemetery at night.  I do know that i'm pretty good at scaring myself.  This question is unanswerable.

[several minutes pass]

Sean: ...and i guess i'm assuming that the weather's not an issue.  I'd always take physical comfort over physical discomfort given the same amount of psychological discomfort.

Jen: so...what are you saying?

Sean: I'm saying if i'm going to be feeling spooky either way, i'd rather be indoors.

Jen: that's a pretty good answer. and basically what i was saying at the very beginning.


Joel said...

This reminds me of running at night on the track in the cemetery near our house. It was creepy, but in a cool way. So, weather permitting, I'll totally go with the cemetery.

)en said...

There is an old, extremely cool cemetery in Brooklyn and i heard they do Halloween tours and festivities there each year. I don't know how I feel about it. Guess I should check it out this year.

Natalie R. said...

You guys should record all of your conversations just for the benefit of others. I bet you two are never bored! :0)