Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Birthday

Well, we just finally finished celebrating! Ok, not really. But perhaps I am suffering a bit from a birthday hangover?  Or maybe I'm just really lazy.  It could be anything. You don't know.  Irregardless, here are the pictures from Birthday Week 2013!

So, for me, what Birthday Week means is doing everything in the name of Birthday.  This can be anything. Because guess what? If you give something a birthday title, no matter what it is, it makes it special.  For example:

Birthday Playground

There are a thousand playgrounds in this town. Every once in a while we like to playground hop. There's the one closest to home. Then there's the one in the park, the one further in the park--it's awesome and by the lake, but it's a bit of a walk to get there.  There's also the gungy one down the road that's ok, and then there's our latest favorite, the 5th avenue playground,or the J.J. Byrne playground. It's new and magical. It has small kid swings, big kid swings, stuff to play and climb on that look like art sculptures they're so cool, water stuff, etc.  I love the big kid swings. Since I am now elderly and growing ever elder, (as the birthday implies) I can last approximately 5-7 minutes before i want to heave. But those 5-7 minutes are just heaven.  And this year I introduced to Julian The Spider, which I have probably not even thought about since I was 9.  You know, it's where you sit on the swing and your lighter friend sits on your lap, facing you and you swing with your legs dangled, each taking turns pumping, and talk to each other 5 inches apart. 

I asked a nearby dad to take a picture and he did and then tried it with his kid and I felt good about spreading the joy of The Spider.  Here is a bonus pic of the joy of the playground:

This is a chair that spins around and around and
if you get it going, it NEVER. STOPS. It's kind of
freaky,actually. But the kids sure do like it.

Birthday Brunch, or more specifically, Birthday French Toast.  I don't have a picture of the toast, but here we are at our favorite place:  

Oh wait, yes I do--it's there in Julian's mouth. You are welcome.

Birthday Colors 

my new favorite color combo, peacock blue and lemon yellow--YES

Birthday Booger

Birthday Tulips

There was also Birthday Concert.  The plan was to watch a NY Philharmonic rehearsal but due to his extreme all-consuming fear of semi-darkness and semi-loudness, the boy did not last 10 seconds.  This may or may not be due to subjecting him to ride after dark tunnel ride with scary animatronics at Disneyland.  Oh and the circus a few weeks ago, which is totally confirmed to be absolutely terrifying for people of all ages.  Here are some pictures from that, as a side note: 

Elephants are so cool. We loved them and applauded but then the clapping quickly turned uneasy and with pity for the elephants, and we felt a little sick in our hearts, confused as to our feelings on the subjugation of circus animals and all of the conflicting feelings pertaining to all things circus, etc etc ETC.

The terrified-but-still-clapping-and-trying-to-enjoy-it pic:

And the still-terrified-but-could-i-have-some-popcorn pic:
makes me laugh

So, instead of the concert, we walked around the Lincoln Center compound for  a while.  Here's the Avery Fisher hall, where the Phil plays: 

I asked Julian to take my picture.  I am trying to smile through the tears and heartbreak:

And the hall where the Met Opera performs (i forget the name):

After that, we walked over to the Central Park and walked amongst the pretty flowers and grassy knolls. It was nice, though I didn't hear any orchestral music coming out of those flowers, but whatever. They're nice to look at, I guess. If you're into that.


I had brought some binoculars for the concert that turned out to work very well for long distance hide and seek.

On the way home, Julian immediately passed out and took a subway nap. It was adorable until I had to wake him and he transformed into the (as legend has it) Abominable Subway Monster.  Fellow passengers were lucky to catch a glimpse that day.

Birthday Bum.  

A pit stop on the way to or from the bathroom. Either way, some emergency reading needed to take place: 

I picked up my birthday cake at the most delightful Italian bakery. Every time I go i see these hamburger cakes and other fun shape cakes on display and this time I thought, you know what? I'm getting my hamburger. This is funny because after, I came home and walked to the post office to pick up a birthday box from my sister who had sent me an assortment of doughnuts from my FAVORITE doughnut place, which exists only in Utah. How happy was I?  There were plain glazed, cake doughnuts, a giant chocolate ring doughnut, and...yes... a hamburger doughnut, for long ago in the days of yore, whenever we would visit this doughnut place in my youth, I would select either the largest (chocolate ring) or the strangest (hamburger).  I loved that she sent me this and that i had brought home the hamburger cake because not only does it reflect how much a sister knows you, but also that you are the same girl you were at 13. It makes the heart happy.   Behold the cake:


Finally, Sean and I fled the scene and Jen's Jurassic Park 3D Party officially commenced.  Here we are with our t-shirts:

We sat with a group of about 15 friends and enjoyed some pre-movie trivia with prizes (I tried hard not to win, i swear!) and as the movie started, I felt my heart start to race in a reverential way, and with quiet exhilaration, Val and I clasped hands  a la Thelma and Louise, as she put it.  All of usspent the movie loving it, laughing, tooting our silent dino-blowouts at all the good lines, and swooning over Dr. Ian Malcolm

Afterward, some birthday froyo with candles--aww

And lastly, some presents:

And thus ended Jen's Birthday, an event made far, far larger than necessary as witnessed on/from this blog. But what of that list, you ask? Weeeeell...

pillows from my gal pal Angie

all things harem

And one more thing:
Thank you, MelBroek


mim said...

that hamburger cake is the most revoltingly awesome piece of edible art i have ever seen. best birthday week ever! but, i'm sorry about the ny philharmonic melt-down. can i watch julian sometime soon, so you can go solo or with sean?

)en said...

weeell, let me think ab--YES.

Lindsey said...

I too thought the hamburger cake was rather gag-worthy. The philharmonic meltdown and the subway monster sound so much like... hm, let me think... Oh right, Julian's barely-elder cousin Collin. I totally feel your pain. We had a similar melt-down on my birthday-eve. I guess that's just another perk of motherhood. ;-)