Friday, April 15, 2011

Who does it for you?

Ok, we all have a secret list of people who just tickle our fancy and we don't really know why.  Some of the people are, let us say, a little embarrassing.  They have that je ne sais quoi and they are on our semi-guilty list of secret crushes.  Here is mine:

1. Jeff Goldblum.  

He had me at Dr. Ian Malcolm.   I think I've mentioned him before.  But he is totally intense nerd-hot. And I guess i'm a sucker for dark framed (slightly tinted?) glasses.  I have no explanation.

2. David Bowie.  


We can thank Labyrinth for this. Yeah, the movie where he looks like a tranny.  Again, I can't explain. It is what it is. But i will say, David Bowie is hot in his own right. Not just as tranny bowie.  I recently put together a 2 disc set of 80's hits and had to include Let's Dance and just like that, the crush was immediately reignited.  (also included Under Pressure, for the record. Possibly the best song ever invented.)

3.  Jeff Bridges. 
I have always had a thing for Jeff.  I don't know why. But it is recurring. Every time i see him in something i think, oh yeah, Jeff Bridges.  And the weirder thing is, I think i find him more attractive the older he gets. Ehh?  Why, Jeff? Why?  I think there's something in his voice or something.  I don't know. And I like the way his mouth moves.  I'm reminded of a part in Pride & Prejudice when Aunt Gardiner remarks how there's something pleasant about the way Mr. Darcy moves his mouth.  She knows what i'm talking about. Back me up, Aunt.

Lastly, and i confess this one is really totally not ok strange:

4. Robin Hood

The Disney fox with a heart of gold. C'MON, you have to admit you had a slight crush on him on back in the day. I would have to say out of all the Disney male leads, human or otherwise, he's the most attractive. I am pretty sure he is where the word "foxy" came from. Foxes are just inherently attractive. (this is sounding weirder & weirder)  Add one who walks on 2 feet, has impeccable skill with a bow & arrow, and spends his days (in very wily, sly ways) giving to the poor??  I'm only HUMAN.  And yes, that picture of him was cropped.  Because as much as we wanted to love her (yes, i am including everyone in this with me now), we kind of hated Maid Marian for being so elegant, pretty, regal and, well, the same species as Robin. Damn her. 

Alright, those are 4 of mine. Now let's hear yours. C'mon, don't be shy/ashamed. As I've said before, it's an e-circle of trust here. You're in good company. 


Shilo Mayer said...

Bob Costas- I can't watch the Olympics and not fall in love with him. He's my fave.

MelBroek said...

What a fantastic post. Yours are making me laugh.

I can totally relate to the Robin Hood thing - I had a huge-o crush on Casper. Not the cartoon, but the live action one from like 1992 or something. So hot.

Also, Patrick Stewart. His shiny, bald head just does it for me. Can't explain why. The accent probably helps a lot.

Lastly, there's this pretty ugly, kinda dumb, VERY homosexual Frenchman named Sliimy who looks like a lovechild of Mika and Prince. I cannot explain it but I think he is mega, mega attractive. Even his obvious flaming status does not deter my love!

Kim said...

If we're doing cartoon characters then I'll have to admit I had it bad for John Smith from Disney's Pocahontas back in the day.

Stephanie said...

Ok, here goes....lead singer for Smash Mouth.

Skeet Ulrich and the older brother from Boy Meets World.

And did you know that your mother's is Viggo Mortenson...but only as Aragorn which I take to mean a bit sweaty and dirty.

Jill said...

Fred Savage. This post is hilarious

Alanna said...

I read this and the second I saw the picture of Robin Hood, I totally did this little gasp of, "She's so right!" Really! Who didn't kind of have a crush on that fox?

Other than him, I think most of my crushes have been fairly normal ones, except two: I've been in love with Tim Roth since I first saw him in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. (I'm sort of in love with Gary Oldman from it, too, but Tim Roth is my real favorite.)

And then, my Mom and I both have this weird appreciation for Catherine Zeta Jones. We love that she has an actual figure and looks like a woman. Watching her dance in Chicago is so beautiful-- she makes Renee Zellweger look skinny and doughy-faced in comparison.

Amber Alvarez said...

With the exception of Prince Eric from Disney's little mermaid, all of my crushes are a little off the beaten path.

#1 - Jeff Goldblum forever.
#2 - Ira Glass, sigh.
#3 - Alan Rickman, even as Snape.
#4 - Eminem, I think we could make it work. It'd only be a matter of time before he stopped screaming about killing women and putting them in the trunk of his car.

In truly embarrassing crushes, I once had a dream about Tobey Maguire so moving and deep that I had to put him on this list too.

Pedersen Posse said...

How does Sean feel about these crushes? ;)

Yes, add me to the Robin Hood fan list.
My crushes are all more common...
*Mark Ruffalo
*Brad Pitt (in A River Runs Through It)
*Val Kilmer (especially in Top Gun)
*Matthew McCaunaghey
*The movie White Squall has several of my favorites Jeff Bridges (yes, me too), Scott Wolf, and Ryan Phillippe

Those are just a few off the top of my head. Fun post. :)

Brooke said...

Heart that you love Robin Hood. I concur, he's hot.

Christian Bale, Newsies and Little Women style.

)en said...

I've really been needing to comment on these comments.

1st-- Bob Costas? I can see that as a guilty crush. And lucky for you, you could fit him in your pocket and carry him around.

2nd-- Casper--WEIRD, and therefore acceptable. P. Stewart? C'mon, that's totally obv.

3rd-- Steph, yours are totally not even remotely embarrassing. Except for the Smash Mouth singer. YIPES. well done. But the others? Weak. And Viggo?? Another obv. He's only the last hope for the world of men!!!

4th-- Fred Savage. ha. He was cute in his day. This isn't really embarrassing or weird though. B-.

5th-- Tim Roth? He's pretty weird-looking. I like it, good one.

6th-- Amber, i approve of all of yours. Though Alan Rickman is a pretty mainstream crush, as Snape--not. Excellent.

7th-- Angie, almost all of yours fail. Brad Pitt?? C'mon. :) But i give you points for sharing my views of Jeff. I believe i first developed my feelings whilst watching White Squall as well.

8th-- Christian Bale is nice to look at i suppose. I'm pretty sure he's a mega-weirdo underneath that prettiness, so that gives you more points, Brooke.

Well done, everyone! I'm glad to see i'm not the only freak one.

)en said...

p.s. freak was supposed to be struck out (stricken? Striked?) too bad that failed. Oh well, i'm leaving it. "freak one." That's funny.