Sunday, May 12, 2013

Because You Made Me a Muffin

Julian, my favorite.  Sometimes his name just rolls off my tongue in the most loving, delicious way. Isn't it great to love the name you give someone?  For Mother's Day, let's have some Julian quotes.

 "Mom, I give up!  I just forgive up. "  and then,  "I forget up."    :D

Julian, playing with a game in the other room and then out of the blue declared,

"Mom, do the commandments!"

Yikes.  Fortunately I wasn't in the middle of a some big sin but i was a bit shaken up by its suddenness.


Instead of expressing his dislike for something, often something that frustrates him, he turns it on the thing itself and personifies it.  For example, let's say he doesn't want to go to a place. Instead of saying he hates it there, he will say,

"I don't want to go there. It hates me."

The thing he doesn't like doesn't like him.  As if it has something personally against him, which I think is a very interesting way to view things.  What does it mean? I don't know, but it's funny.

"I don't want this; It hates me."


Instead of "what did you say?"  Julian says,  "what you said?"   It will be a sad day when this is no more, like when Eeyotes became Eeyore.  :(


"Mom, when you die, I'll have a cheetah mom."


Julian turns everything into a verb sort of as an abbreviation and it's kind of ingenious.  For example:

Doing the dishes = dishin'.   "Mom, we're dishin'!" I also love that he's being consistent with that one.

Being grumpy =  grumping.  as in,  "I'm not done grumping!"

Action words make life more fun.


In the middle of church one Sunday, he was playing near me and whispered,

"Mom, I will marry you."


Julian also calls Sean "Sean" and I not-so-secretly love it.  It's not to be funny, at least not anymore. He just does it. When we're out, when we're at home.  I just read in his baby journal from Oct. 2011:

"You love saying Dad's name. You will call for him throughout the house.  'Non? Non! Where are you, Non!'  Dad isn't super pleased, but I am."

Non.  so funny.  


And to make my heart burst with pride:

Jen: Ok, let's start!
Julian, busy at my desk: Wait! Wait for me, I'm writing down the thoughts of me.


Lastly, at church today we were having a special lovey moment and I whispered closely in his ear, "I'm so grateful for you because you made me a mother."  He stared at me for a couple of seconds and said, "I thought you said "muffin."   Which, let's face it, is just about as good.

3 cheers for kids!


Ashley said...

I love ALL of these, and I love this kid! Non . . . muffin . . . all of them!

Brooke said...

Adorable, J. He's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Dean used to say "what you said? " too! I almost forgot! Good job writing these julianisms down. I need to be better. -Lianna