Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gift Ideas

So, for no particular reason I thought I'd give you a list of possible gift ideas. You know, just in case you're looking for something awesome to give to someone who, say, has a birthday coming up.  It could be anyone: A family member, a friend, a friend whose blog you read and you keep asking yourself what you could do to say thanks. Anyone! 

1. Ant Farm.

Wouldn't that be so much fun?? The perfect indoor pet!  Until someone breaks it and you have ants crawling freely around your house. But i have that anyway, so i might as well give them a home to dig around in.   But hold on, what's this? A fluorescent glowy ant farm?? Oooooooo!

Space ants. It just keeps getting cooler. Also, those ants look huge.

2.  Harem pants. Not harm pants, like i first typed. I personally happen to love all things harem (< -- not something i ever thought i'd say), just in case anyone was wondering.

3. Nice pillows.

Don't underestimate the awesomeness of a gift a nice set of pillows can be.  Does your vague friend suffer from chronic neck pain? Do they punch the pillows and curse the heavens all night long? Do they set up a futile tower of pillows called Mount St. Pillows  just to get some kind of support?  You may want to invest in some nice pillows for them. I mean, if you ask me, best gift ever.

4. The complete set of Calvin & Hobbes comic books.

 I mean, just speaking from my own experience, I used to read these when I was a kid and loved them to death. Man, there was nothing better than getting my hands on a new book and finding a secret spot. I read a lot more comics back then when I had the newspaper in my home and siblings around me to care about such things, and thus I am not privy to the current comic books trends but Bill Waterson continues to be the best cartoonist who ever lived, in my opinion. Also love Gary Larson.  But I love Bill. So danged smart. So danged funny. And talented. And I hear he's a serious introvert which pleases me. Anyway,  I know that if I had these, I would totally read them out on a blanket in the sun, just as I did in my youth.

5. A snow cone machine.

It just sounds so fun to me.  I had a Snoopy snow cone-maker in my possession a few years ago and like a fool I gave it away. One of those "clean everything out no matter what it is" phases.  But really I'll take any novelty machinery.  My niece got a cotton candy machine(? I think?) for Christmas and I won't say I wasn't jealous because I was. I was jealous.

6. Would also take a fondue pot.  This is the kind of thing that i wonder if most people wouldn't use that often, but I would.  I would.  I feel like I'm dipping stuff in chocolate every other day (oh bugger that pics don't show up in posts pre-2010. :( )

7. And on that note, I love baking pan molds. How much happier would the world be if I was making everyone miniature bundt cakes? I mean, if the recipient of your gift was...

8. Anything from this place.

Anyway, so just a few suggestions! I'm always here to help. Good luck on your search for an amazing gift and if you need even more suggestions, I have plenty. Just ask.


Ashley said...

No one else get her the ant farms! I call both of them. (You could use two, right?)

)en said...

at least.

i mean.. what makes you think i'm talking about myself??

MelBroek said...

LOVE this post. But it's a little too late. Mailed yours off today!!

MelBroek said...

I mean... I mailed a gift to my vague friend.

Annie said...

Everything harem? Do you really love harems? I guess they could be a sisterly kind of place...

)en said...

Exactly. Just an added bonus from getting to wear the pants.

Ian Hancock said...

Have you seen this app for saving all your gift ideas? I've been using this free app called iWishfor for awhile now. You can scan the barcode or take pictures of gift ideas and share them with your friends and family. It's still fairly new but works well.