Thursday, April 11, 2013


Thinger really needed his own post. He's one of the family; why not?  As mentioned, Julian is Julian but sometimes he is also Thinger.  Thinger has a high-pitched voice and likes to chime in now and then offering his opinion or asking for another book or making a bad choice that warrants a reprimand, etc.  Sometimes he will talk to me out of the blue and I will ask Julian who's talking (because I often get Thinger confused with Blankie, and others) and Julian will clarify.

 But we hear from him often throughout the day.  I wrote the following blip in his baby book and I just thought I'd include it here. It's kind of a gem:


So Julian, you have a special friend these days.  He might even be your BEST friend, for now.  He at least will always be a part of you, no matter what.  He is...  your finger.  He has his own little [high-pitched] voice and you've named him.  Ready?  It's...  Thinger.  

I love this SO MUCH, i cannot even tell you.  It's just better than anything in my wildest dreams.

The bonus, the icing on that little cake is how, whenever you wash your hands, Thinger cries out in his little voice, "Oww! I got soap in my eyes!" or, "I don't want to take a shower..."

And i pause in that moment, stare reflectively and think, my life could not possibly be better.


linsey said...

So, so cute. What a boy!

Also sidenote: Larson and I used to call fingers thingers. We thought it was a little-kid lisp mistake to use the "f" sound and thought we were so much more sophisticated.

)en said...

oh my goodness, i just had a brain synapse. (<-- doesn't make sense)

When i hear it that way, it changes everything! It could also be heard as lazy british-- you know, how the brits like to replace all th's with f's, as in "I feenk..." Super not cool, but whatevs, brits.