Monday, March 18, 2013

This vs. That

For some reason, lately I've been either a participant or an observer of random "versus" comparisons. Since it seems to be a weird theme, I thought i'd put them up here just for the hey of it.

First, I've been doing some reading and watching.  The reading is Hunger Games, round 3.  This is always such a bittersweet experience because the trilogy as a whole is not great. In fact, it goes downhill, in my opinion, with book 3 being barely tolerable if read more than once.  Which is just sad. A trilogy should be sure to give a satisfying end.  But oh well. Book one almost makes up for the whole thing.  So i'm reading about Katniss and her awesomeness and the ever-present hunger, and it's good stuff.

The thing i've been watching is Lord of the Rings.  I think that i'd classify this as a winter watch (as opposed to a read--see what i did there?) though I'd see it any time because, as we know, I'm a bit of a fan.

Anyway, as mentioned in previous posts, every once in a while, when we're feeling ourselves rusty, Sean and I will play LOTR Trivial Pursuit. We've agreed that the only way to play this is if we have one of the movies on at the same time.  It definitely maximizes the experience, and a super strange phenomenon occurs in that there seem to be an unusually high amount of questions that refer to things we are actually seeing in the movie at the moment. Or near to. It's super weird.  So Sean will give me a question and, recognizing the scene, I will answer, "Gosh, I know i know this. Let me thiiiink abouuuut it.. I'm sure it will come to me in like twooooo minuuuuutessss..."

Anyway, so we were watching one night when i busted out with,

"Legolas vs. Katniss."

Which was ridiculous, of course. Sean replied, "What? Legolas is a supernatural being."   Which i know. But it presents a funny image, like if they were in a contest.


Sean told me that Ian McKellan was on some late night talk show and the host said,

"Magneto vs. Gandalf."

Which again, is ridiculous.  As Sir Ian replied, "Well, Gandalf is a wizard."

And then came one that I still can't answer.  It's less of a versus and more a "would you rather"--which, by the way--whatever happened to those?? I have completely forgotten about them.  I should probably bring them back. And i will, with this next question:

Would you rather..

live in the shire? Or Rivendell.

WHAT! I know, it's so hard!   The shire is so peaceful and green and lush and cozy and the doors are round!

On the other hand, Rivendell is otherworldly and one giant magical treehouse. I can take a nap on my chaise lounge on the patio(?) Or just the room without walls? Do any of the rooms have walls? Will i always be exposed? Does it even matter? I don't know.  I can't decide. Right now I'm thinking Shire, but proportionate to my giant size. What do you think?  Because I'm just sure everyone thinks about these things as much as I do.


Brooke said...

Go big or go home. Rivendell. (Also, I was watching Two Towers last night while exercising. That'll get your blood pumping.)

Valerie said...

Um, wouldn't the Shire, proprietorial to your Elvish stature, just be a lovely Irish village? With round doors?

)en said...

But it's not just a house with round doors. It's a hobbit hole. With rounded hallways. And...and... ok, maybe i just want to live in an irish village. Seriously, that sounds awesome.

But i'm not totally sure. Rivendell is Rivendell Aaagh. Sean and I are in the midst of watching The Hobbit. I'll report back with my final decision.

Rob said...

Rivendell, duh. Waterfalls, great medical care, perpetual autumn, and awesome bedding.

Rob said...

Although your annoying neighbors would be immortal. Hmmm...