Monday, January 18, 2010

Ten Signs You're a LOTR Fan

Apparently I just can't say enough about it. Here we go!

1. You feel that using the word "fan" is insufficient. Maybe uber-fan? Crazy fan? Crazy uber-geek fan?

2. You buy yourself Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit for Christmas.

3. You play it SIX TIMES over the holidays.

4. WHILE watching the movies.

5. WITH subtitles on, so you now know the names of secondary or thirdary characters. Hama, Haldir, etc. (Hama gets his head bitten off by a Worg and Haldir is the pretty elf guy of Lothlorien who comes to help fight at Helm's Deep)

6. You get mad when you lose the game and want to take out the winner's wedges, and throw them all over the room.

7. When you read the word "eleven" anywhere, you consistently misread it as "elven." And you're disappointed when you realize it's not.

8. You fight about naming a daughter Eowyn.

9. Similarly, you are jealous of the girl you know whose middle name is Arwen. For real.
10. You talk about Lord of the Rings ALL. THE. TIME.


Rob said...

I must not be a huge enough geek since I didn't know what LOTR was until #2.

I've always thought how impressive it is to create a fictional world that millions of people get caught up in and keep expanding it. That would be really satisfying as a writer. The people carrying it on are crazy though. I'm just content knowing Elves have their own language, but I don't care if there is an actual language created for this species. People learn elvish and klingon! It baffles me. I am completely baffed.

Natalie R. said...

I actually own LOTR Trivial Pursuit, but I admit I'm not very good at it. They come up with the most random questions!! But I enjoy reading them and then finding the answer on the back. ;0)

Alanna said...

Natalie (Comment 2 girl) is basically like that for Star Wars. Just so you know. ;)

I really like LOTR and have read the books, but not until after I saw Fellowship. The sad thing was after the movie when I walked out of the theater and asked Natalie why they kept talking about oxen all the time. "I never saw a single ox!"

Natalie looked confused for a minute before realizing that, because of the British accents, I had misunderstood them every time they talked about Orcs!

What a dork.

Amber Alvarez said...

Hmm...that's funny. My middle name is Arwen...

)en said...

It is NOT! don't you lie to me, amber. DON'T.

Pedersen Posse said...

I haven't played LOTR Trivial Pursuit. I'll have to look into that one. We just played LOTR Risk with some friends over Christmas and I just finished watching the extended version of the trilogy this morning. I was also lamenting that this baby is not a girl or else I would have seriously considered naming her Eowyn. I proudly wear my Evenstar necklace to church at least monthly. Yep. I'm definitely a LOTR nerd, but not as bad as my mom... not even the same league. So, there has to be a level with the name... because my mom is a LOTR FANATIC!

Joel said...

I actually own LOTR Risk, although I have never played it for some reason. And I had a TA in college whose actual first name is Arwen. I think she resented the movies for making her name popular.