Monday, December 05, 2011

Fun With Autocorrect Part II

I just love these. They make my life happy.

So, i will paste in the sentence with the mistake word underlined and the intended word in parentheses and bolded. I have yet to figure out a good system. Anyway, either the word wasn't recognized as real or my fatty fingers couldn't hit the right letters and it turned the typo into something else. But either way brings guaranteed fun.

1.  Fangs, you should have taken the salad (dang) 

2.  Sean: On Atlantis and 3rd ave (Atlantic ave)
     Jen, trying to make fun:  Ignore! How'd you get there?? (oh no)

3. Coming home, danger! (dang)  [i say dang a lot, apparently. why doesn't my phone recognize it by now?]

4. Sean: We went for gas anyway! Rebels!
     Jen:  haha, polio! (Ooooo)

5.  Just outside the dreading room (dressing)  [dreading room-- does not sound like a fun room to be in] 
 6. Did ADHD box arrive yet? (Ash's)

and when i found out it had:

7. Gerbil!  (yeehoo!)  [what, c'mon. You don't know "yeehoo"?  I love the idea of shouting that out as a happy exclamation. Gerbil! hahaa!.]

8. WARNING-- this last one is PG-13 and crass but dang (or "danger") if i didn't almost wet my pants. I was texting a new friend about going on a Target run with her. 

I think 9:30 is good. By the time we get there, shop, play with tits... (toys)    
 Oh man, i'm sorry about that one! But it was just too good.  It's just so ridiculous. And it's not my fault the o and y are right next to the i and t.   Fangs.


Ashley said...

All of these are so good. And we've got to keep track of all these great new expletives: polio, gerbil... I really like the idea of using "fangs" now. I think it's very descriptive.


)en said...

thanks for commenting ash. I appreciate it. I would blog more if people would comment more... (passive aggressive)

Ashley said...

I would love you more if you were less passive aggressive. Jk. LOL

)en said...

LOL!!! I wouldnt be passive aggressive if you'd comment more. lol

Anthony and Rene said...

I love these!!! So I was texting Matthew and Alicia ( Joshua's wife) for some pictures and it as almost midnight in NY an my text read....dirty usaf later but can you send me some pictures. It was suppose to read....sorry it's late.....
After I sent it I was shocked and thought, oh I really need to start reading my text before sending them.

Amber Alvarez said...

i've read this blog post like 4 times now -- 4 is a number no one knows is an exaggeration, whereas a bold round number like '5' would be seen as such.

Yesterday I texted 'Gaffaw you alone not now.' Never text and walk.

Dreading room, sounds about right.

)en said...

gaffaw?? Best autocorrect word ever.