Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun With Autocorrect

 Like many, my phone has an autocorrect feature when texting or emailing.  The following is a humorous list of examples i've compiled where either my phone disagrees with the word I chose, or i messed up keying and it autocorrects it to something else. Or they're just funny typos.  I will categorize them to be more clear and facilitate your laughter.

(the underlined word is the word it changed it to. the word(s) in parentheses is what i had meant to type.)

Messed up keying

  • He's going down at 7:30 tonight, or warlords (earlier).  I love this. My phone took it to a whole new level. He's going down at 7:30 or WARLORDS are coming. As in ME.  He'd better look out.
  • Doing that filled my heart with glaciers (gladness).  Ha ha. The opposite of what i intended but such a better word. I'm torn.
  • Some guy Roland me to. (told. I think i typed Rold.) (maybe his name was Roland?)

Funny Typos

(underlined is my typo, obviously)
  • Romania!! Was that on the lust? (list) 
  • Hee her (hee). Just sounds dumb. Hee her.  
  • Hey, git (got).   Ha ha.   My new term of endearment for my friends. Hey, Git.  'Sup? 
  • Left a little spit fir your name (spot for).  Wow, it's remarkable how 2 small changes can somehow make you an insta-hillbilly. 
  • Can u make you an omelette? ( I.. I meant can I) This makes me laugh. A friend was coming over. "Could you make yourself an omelette? I'm too lazy, thanks." 
  • A furure bus druber. (a future bus driver) Just complete nonsense.  Do i have sausage fingers or what. geez.


  • Swabs (seans) drawings.     Swab. hahaha. Also an example of the autocorrect word being better.
Dang, i thought i had more of these.  I'll record some good ones for next time.


Rob said...

Funny! I have an android smart phone and can use a feature where I talk and it types what I say. I use this sometimes because it's faster than typing everything out. But it has a dirty brain! One time I said "Benita" (someone I work with) and it changed it to Genital.
Another time I said, "although I liked..." and it turned it to fully naked. Gotta make sure I do some good proof reading before sending those texts!

Ashley said...

These made me laugh. I especially liked "warlords" and can think of many times when the threat of warlords would light the fire under anyone.

)en said...

i know, right? what a great word.

Alanna said...

I don't text enough to have any good stories of my own. But my little sister was texting her friend about going to Cafe Rio, and it autocorrected it to be "Cafe Sin." That's our new favorite nickname for the place!