Thursday, December 08, 2011


Dear East Coast,

Your temperatures may be extreme. Your humidity may get the best of all of us, but there is one thing and it is that your seasons are as they should be.  You are predictable, (for the most part, snushstorm in October) and I thank you for that.  I also thank you for these wacky 60-degree days in December.

Love and Sunshine,

Dear Julian,

The other day in the swings, after shouting out "WHEEE!" repeatedly and vigorously, when you then blurted out to the heavens, "JINGLE BELLS!" at the top of your lungs, it made the Christmas spirit around us swell a hundred fold.


Dear Potential Cold in my Lungs,

Give it up.   You'll never win.  I will fight you 'til the end.    YOU SHALL NOT PASS.


Dear Task List,

I'm not afraid of you. You're not the boss of me.


Dear Christmas Cards,

Some people hate you. I love you.  You make me feel Christmasy.


Dear Christmas Tree,

I love you. I love you so much. You're the prettiest tree i've ever seen. I love you, pine cone lights. I love you, ornaments.  *kissy noises*    *ow


(Wow, has anyone noticed how much asterisks look like snowflakes?? God bless us, everyone!)


Joel said...

Dear Jen,
We love the letters. Keep them coming.


Valerie said...

I was scrolling down, looking at the photos, when I swear, hand on heart, you moved in your photo.

Is that possible.

Also, Jingle Bells to us all (I love that story).

lindsey v said...

I love Christmas cards too. But what I would love most for this Christmas season is one of your famed specialized Christmas cards. THAT would make the season bright. Just kidding. You don't have to do that. Just keep showing them on your blog for us to see and enjoy.

)en said...

lindsey, i would be more than happy to send you one!! seriously.

send me your add to jenslog[at]gmail. seriously. anyone.