Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day .5: Can't talk now

In a state of total shock.  Can't. formulate. sentences.  Words... too much... for brain. 

Since we've arrived, which was around 8pm, we...

  • put 3 kids to bed.  
  • consoled 1
  • set up pack 'n play
  • put a baby to sleep after repeat attempts
  • read through mammoth information binder
  • entered phone numbers into phone (including friends and neighbors, one of which has kindly offered her shower)
  • ate a bowl of cereal
  • put groceries away we bought on the way
  • washed dishes 
  • cleaned up toy room
  • cleaned up living room
  • did a load of laundry
  • mapped out schedule for tomorrow
  • organized items needed for morning
  • organized items needed for other things
  • ate some chocolate to console ourselves
  • set up the laptop 
  • got in bed
  • typed a blog post

E. Gads.


Joel said...

I need some context here as to why you're hiding out with a bunch of children. Do you organize an annual mass kidnapping in order to support yourselves for the coming year? If so, are there forms I need to fill out for you to take mine for a while?

)en said...

I am babysitting for 2 people to whom I shall never speak again, while they are gallavanting in Italy. Having people babysit while having renovations: world's cruelest joke.