Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 1: Ex-friends

I like these people, the ones for whom we are babysitting. I like their kids; they're adorable and if you're reading this, I love you guys, but a major thought running laps through my head today was: I will never forgive them.

I feel like i've been tricked. But then, maybe that's how everyone with 3+ kids feels.

Part of it, too, was the construction. Now, i hate when i'm having renovations done in my OWN house. Like, passionately hate it. Makes me angry. Want to cuss incessantly and live in the tree house until it's done.  Now put me in a place that is old, unfamiliar, and not my own house... and i kind of want to put two guns to my head.  How Julian slept through a table saw, hammering, and blasting music I will never know. I always thought he was quite the champ of a sleeper but I now need to make it official and give him a freaking gold medal, because freaking seriously.

Thoughts throughout the day:

  • Feel like I'm in a fun house (house of horrors?).  All the doors are knob-less and don't shut all the way. (If they do, they get stuck and you're locked out. This happened twice today.  Had to ask the worker man to help me.)
  • All these kids are super sweet. It's so hard to have a small one with me, even though he is mine and technically i should love him more. But he takes up so much of me, i can't give the others what i'd want to. For example: the oldest one? Age 7 in 1st grade: reads like a champ. Knows how to read things--the way they were intended to be read. We took turns reading a book (alternated pages) and after a while i felt lame and just wanted her to read me the story.  Also, she has kind of a low raspy voice which i love (jealous). 
  • Thing 2, the 5-year-old is a naughty little sweet thing who makes me laugh and says wise words.  Nosed into Julian's face saying "hmmm" and he'd kiss her face every time. Adorrrable. At one point i said, "i just need to get this one [julian] into bed and then we can do fun things.  She said to me, "if you got a babysitter when you were taking care of just Julian, you could go out and not be with him all the time and hear him crying."  You sing the song of my heart, little lass. 
  • Read books to the two smallest in the house. I love reading books with kids. 
  • Attempted a fun dinner that turned into a DISASTER. Foolishly tried to make: pancakes. Yeah, PANCAKES. HOW HARD IS THAT? Well, idiot me made them from scratch, which is how i usually do it. Couldn't even pull that off.  Julian had had enough and was beyond his senses at this point.  I might have cried a little [for the rest of the night, intermittently.] 
  • Had the kids fingerpaint with pudding on world placemats. Kind of weird, but still fun. I missed all of it though. :(
  • I realize this is probably sounding super boring. If i told you my true feelings right now, I would be ashamed later on. It's just a lot to take in. It's a big adjustment. So I'm trying to think of pleasant memories.  (again, no offense guys, if you're reading this. :) )
  • Who doesn't own a freakin' broom?!? 
  • Or wisk? Good GOSH. I know what i'm getting these guys for Christmas.
  • Put all 4 kids to bed sans teeth brushed. Unless they did it themselves. I have no idea. 
  • Bathed all kids in the kitchen sink. 'Twas like olden times, when kids shared a bath but one at a time, so the last one got all the gross leftover bathwater.  The oldest two had to sit on their knees, and dip their faces.
  • Bought ice cream and sat on the grass. Everyone ate theirs like a champ. 
  • One thing about this place: It's happily stocked with an endless supply of wipes. Bless you for THAT. 
  • Could hardly find the chance to pee. Turns out there are two working toilets. Both were located right next to where the workman was. Couldn't shut the doors. Had to pick one and pee like the wind while he was at the other location for 2 seconds.  Sorry i'm talking about peeing. 
  • Changed at least 6 dirty diapers today. Like, big kid gross diapers. Plus, Julian has a nightmare of a rash that requires antibiotics. Yay. I feel like i'm getting way too personal in a way that i don't like to on my blog.  Like, personal stuff in a non-entertaining way. And yet here i am.  The anti-Jen blog (would be my hope).  I'm sorry. I really have no wits about me at this point.
  • I really need to go to bed. 


Alanna said...

Shortly after my mission, I house-sat for a family and their four boys, ages 10-17. The oldest was angry that I was there at all, and refused to speak to me the entire time. The next oldest ran away my first night, causing me to be up half the night worrying and wondering what the h*** I was supposed to do. The youngest two played card games with me and we danced around to Britney Spears. After it was all over, I vowed to have my tubes tied.

And yet, I think that sounds SO easy compared to everything you're trying to do right now!

Rob said...

I should not have read this as we are preparing to leave our three kids with someone.

But our house is not under construction, and we own a broom AND a wisk.

Ruthie said...

Ah man Jen, I feel your pain. The renovations definitely one-up any experience I've had, but before Carson I used to watch a couple families for several nights and I had many tearful nights half-hating the parents for leaving me.

I'm about to stay with one of them again next week with Carson and after being reminded what it's like, I'm wondering why I agreed to this. 6 kids - 18, 17, 15, 9, 4, 3. You'd think the teenagers would be the easiest but I stress the most with them because I hate having to tell them what to do when I know they know.

Anyway, I hope it gets over soon! :)

)en said...

What's up with blogger erasing all these awesome comments? I wanted to comment on them and now i'll have to do it from memory, unless everyone can rewrite their comments? No? Ok.

So, Alanna--AGHHH, such a nightmare. Running away? Are you kidding me. Nothing is worth that.

Ruthie, SIX FREAKIN' KIDS? SICK. How dare these people?? That's what i keep thinking. The gall. :)
Eww, good luck. I hope the teenagers don't give you too much grief. I think I'm cool and then I hang around teenagers.

p.s. Found the wisk--in the silverware drawer. Silly me. But still, no broom. I'd completely trash their house if we weren't passing the torch to the grandparents on Monday night. But at least they don't have to bathe in the utility sink in the dirty cold basement.

Annie said...

I just might like you better than me. Here's why. Me babysitting my dear friend's kids for 2 nights, 3 days = ghastly, excruciating, I feared for their lives. But what do I say when the mom asks how it went? Something lame and totally false about how "funny" they were. I guess I was thinking, "who knows maybe my kids were worse for her"?

Joel said...

This is awesome, because just the other day I started referring to my kids as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

)en said...

I have a real problem with saying how I really feel. Seriously, i need a filter. Especially when it's something that truly freaks me out, when I feel real solid fear. I think these friends will understand though, and in the end, their kids really are cute and sweet. I can always say that honestly. I can also say "thanks for the birth control" honestly, but maybe i won't. I said maybe.

Amber Alvarez said...

I love you. Soon you will come back to Brooklyn and we will watch Farscape. It will change your life. Afterwards you can use all the doorknobs your heart desires.

Since you were so honest I will tell you a revealing secret. Yes, I will tell you here, on the interwebs. Sometimes when I hate everything I look in the mirror and audibly congratulate myself on my selflessness. You should try it. It helps.