Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Tonight we head up to the land of Scarsdale, and i'm a wee bit scared.

1. Babysitting 3 kids, age 3, 5, 7 with a Julian on top
2. In a foreign land
3. in a big old house that's being renovated as I type
4. with one bathroom that = toilet + sink (maybe the sink? not sure. maybe just the toilet)
5. no working shower or bath
6. for about a week

Maybe scared isn't the right word, but we're not going to Freakedouttsville.  Hahaha. (<-- nervous laughter. Ok, and a little bit of genuine laughter. Genuine nervous laughter.) Actually, i'm kind of looking forward to it too. A new place, new adventures, new things to look at, new things to entertain Smalls.  Their kids are cute. I've got supplies.  I'll have no idea what i'm doing.  I'll try to share my adventures. We'll see what happens. Yeehaw!  Wish us luck.

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Rob said...

When we have someone watch our kids while we go out of town we kind of let on that "you should do whatever you need to do to survive."

Extra TV, Movies, and treats!We have to deal with the detox when we get home, but it's worth it. Thank your blessed babysitting souls! Parents gotta get away.