Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a letter

Dear Mother Nature (if that is your real name),

I wasn't sure if you were aware or not, but it's actually OCTOBER right now. Yeah. Not August, October. I know you might be old and a litle senile and sure, those months kind of sound the same (i guess), and maybe nobody told you but I am now. It's October. So please just do whatever it is you do and stop with the 80-degree weather. It's getting ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jen,

Yes, this IS my real name... and I will thank YOU to mind you own business! So I got a little distracted with a new business venture this summer and maybe I forgot to cool things down... geez!

P.S. Check out my website!

)en said...

ha ha ha ha! ohhhh my gosh. you... are the biggest dork... EVER.

(that was sean, everyone)

Rob said...

Hey Jen, I mean this with all possible respect, but...please shut your face. Some of us are dreading the sun being blocked by a continuous ceiling of gray clouds. Some us like to go out in a t-shirt and not bundled and yet still freezing. MOTHER NATURE! If you can hear me keep it up. Environmental weather patters, animal migratory disturbances and whatever else be damned!

)en said...

Um, Rob, do you know who you're talking to? Do you know how/where I LIVE? The only people that have it worse than me in the winter are people who live in Antarctica. Guess what? Nobody lives in Antarctica. Guess why? Because it's UNINHABITABLE.

No, i feel for you. You will hear me singing a similar tune as you in a few months. I just really love to complain about the weather. It's what you do here, and i embrace it. (notice how i'm not mentioning it has finally cooled down and today was gorgeous)