Tuesday, October 09, 2007

something i "love"

... is when people use quotation marks to emphasize a word, when really what it does is kind of the opposite, making it look like they're being sarcastic. awesome.


Brooke said...

I Love it when people arbitrarily Capitalize words, just because they think they need Emphasis.

Michelle said...

Oh man!!! I have such a great time with this. My mother in law is a total quoter and underliner, but she has no IDEA at all that it makes it sarcastic. For example, in my birthday card she will write something like, "You are and 'amazing' mother." I have to laugh. I'm like, if you think I suck you can just tell me. hahah. It is great. Brian always tells me I am 'amazing.' It is very sweet.

)en said...

i'm having a "comment on my own blog" marathon.

michelle-this cracks me up. You are an "amazing" mother. I might have to steal that.