Friday, October 05, 2007

wedding thoughts

When I was about 19 years old, my brother got married. I recall sitting at the reception with my sisters and we were discussing wedding traditions and why we do the things we do. (My brother's reception was very fun, i might add). And I wondered, do we HAVE to do that? What's up with that? why cake? And what the HE-- is up with the garter?? That's just really weird and totally inappropriate, i feel. So, why this? Why that? And we discussed having a carnival-themed reception. Dunk my brother.. pin the something on the something wedding-y.. a wedding raffle... sounds fun right? In the end, i didn't do that, but I still save the carnival theme idea for my funeral. get excited.

Sometimes I hear about people planning their weddings and how they've been planning it a) since they were 5, b) in reality, for at least a year before the big day, and just how many details that are vitally important. And sometimes I wonder if I missed some kind of wedding boat of vital necessity when I got married. Here's how it was. Got engaged in August, married in October. 2 months to plan. At first when considering October I was like, what the hey?? No time to plan! But I totally didn't want to get married in December and any time after that just seemed ridiculous. :) (We had to hurry. Sean was starting school soon)

Anyway, so then i was like, 2 months? No problemo. What is there to do? Here are the details I cared about: my dress. the end. Everything else just didn't really matter to me. Maybe this was due to the fact that i'd be moving to New York 2 days after my wedding and so the wedding itself was not the main main event, kind of. I don't know. I was excited to just be married and start that life. Maybe it was due to my personality. I don't consider myself to be a girly girl.. i hadn't, in fact, been planning my wedding since I was 5, and never really thought about it until the actual time came. Except for my dress, of course. I don't know why but I had a very specific idea. And let me just say, the dress ROCKED.

I'm trying to think of anything else that was important to me. Flowers.. no. I actually told the flourist "I dunno.. i like the orange roses.. maybe throw in some red berries and some of those white things.." and he ended up making this ginormous concoction of autumn in a bouquet. It was pretty but i noticed he basically took the liberty to do whatever he wanted which is totally fine and i wished i'd just told him that from the very beginning. "Don't care. I trust you... (do i really have to hold flowers?)" but oh well. The bouquet turned out to be quite helpful in the end, because it gave me a place to put my chapstick which was a definite concern. I have a slight addiction.

Our wedding cake was actually several pies. Who actually likes wedding cake? Who? I defy anyone who says they do. It looks pretty sure, but what's the point if it tastes like sweet plastic? I dunno. It's fine, i guess, and whatever floats your boat, but cake vs. pie? Mmm.. pie. So that was fun. The one thing I wished we'd done was film the event. I have nothing on videotape and i am HUGE on documenting things/events that are important. So that makes me a little sad. But other than that, absolutely no regrets. Of course I will always remember my wedding day, and granted there weren't many little details to begin with, but I'm sure the ones that were there will slowly fade from memory.. But the image most vivid in my mind, the thing I think about most when i think back is, of course, my husband. And so so happy. Sean and happy. That was my wedding.

We'd met the previous June, so on our wedding day we'd known each other for less than 5 months, and i remember this feeling of... finally! :)

So if this at all interests you, and to get you to talk on my blog, what are things you cared about on your wedding day, or what are things you really want for when that day comes, or things you couldn't care less about. p.s. I have to recommend what I did. I love love loved it. I love that nothing was that big of deal and the most important thing was just getting married.... except for the dress. (i love you, dress)

(sorry this turned out kind of cheesy. oh well. happy anniversary month, Sean.)


Anonymous said...

Oh so fun! Your wedding was quite fun and I loved the dress and the pies. I do however LOVE wedding cake! I'm a huge cake fan. My family always makes this ultra carrot cake for weddings and I love it. But I love the fluffy stuff too.

I think so many people get way too caught up in the wedding instead of the marriage. The wedding is over that day! I didn't care too much about stuff either. I wished I would have cared more about my shoes and my hair. I would have done it different for the pictures. The day of the wedding my hair was rad thanks to my cousin Stacy. She did a funky basket weavy thing.

But yeah, I didn't care much about the wedding. Just wanted to married to Brian.

Brooke said...

I haven't really thought about it. I just don't care that much about all the details. At least, right now. Maybe when I get there, I will.

I would, however, like Fire and Ice or Confetti roses. They're two-toned and really pretty.

)en said...

ah yes, two-toned are pretty. i like the orange/yellow combo.

Michelle, perhaps the "Kling-on" hairstyle that you so loved would have been good for your pictures. Darn. If only...

Anonymous said...

Before i got married, I thought that I would care about the announcements. JUST the announcements, but I was sure i would want hand-printed letterpress masterpieces in a never-before-seen typeface on imported organic free-trade 100% linen fiber paper with a feather deckel... but as it turned out I was able to release and just pick something out of the binder. Besides, did I really want to print them all myself?

KamilahNYC said...

I too only cared about the dress. Dereck and I had a really small wedding in New York that was perfect and wonderful and sometimes I just sit and think about how fun and happy it was. It was seriously such a great day...Aahhh love....