Monday, December 05, 2022

Christmas Plate

 I love well-plated items, usually food.  Today I'm going to feature two recent plates, the design of which strictly relating to the food items placed upon them.  The best design. 

1. Sean made this breakfast for me a few days ago. My body apparently craves sweet potatoes 24/7 so i have a ready stash on hand that I regularly cycle through.  This heaping plate of glory is roasted sweet potatoes, kale, and eggs over medium with just the right gooeyness, I could shed a small tear.  I can't remember where I heard it, but the wise words "eggs shouldn't run, they should walk" have forever been emblazoned on my brain... and my heart.

how festive is this breakfast?? 

2. Christmas cookies. Annual sisters/mom cookie day. Sean participated as well because he's always an honorary girl at any gathering of gals I may have (something he is immensely proud of).  I forewent the linzers this year which was a bit of a regret because our color was slightly lacking, but my sister came through with her jammy rugelach which is always my reason for the cookie season. But shown here is:

1. the rugelach with apricot jam
2. peppermint chocolate fudge bombs. I don't actually know what they were called but that's ganache in the center there and that sufficeth for me. 
3. snickers bars
4. chocolate/vanilla pinwheels 
5. pecan sandies 

give me nuts in my cookies or give me death. 

#4 and #5 are mine.  Not pictured are caramels that we wrapped, toffee festively bagged, and some kind of toffee brownie bar.  I ate about 4 cookies before I had to tap out of sugar and my mom busted out the celery. 

May the joys of the season be found this Christmas and happy plating to you and yours.


Alanna said...

It's 8am and now I want sugar. These are lovely. Craig is the baker in our family, he makes pretty stuff and always makes sure his cookie plates have lots of variety. Me, I just do really good brownies... But I sure appreciate the artistry!

)en said...

What kinds of cookies does he do?? For some reason I'm really into it this year. I'm this close to having a cookie day just by my own self. I would have done it a few days ago but my hand mixer broke midway through and I had to finish with the immersion blender, ha ha. So we'll see if the feeling strikes again... when the new mixer comes...

Brownies are important and deserve to be in their own category. I cannot stress this enough.

Alanna said...

His big thing is spritz cookies (since you can make them colorful), and then he made up his own version of caramel sea salt rice krispie treats. Gingerbread men, oreo truffles, and then some kind of chocolate chip cookies are usually what he goes for... They're all delicious!