Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Cookies

Cookies were a huge success this year. Mom, sisters, sean, talented niece decorating gingerbread. It was a team effort and we pulled off some big winners:

1. Sean’s quadruple chocolate bombs. Something crazy like 8 oz chopped + 2/3 c cocoa powder + big melty piece on top? So good.
2. Mom’s snicker bars. Yum.
3. Rugelaccchhhhh! Love these jammy roll-ups
4. Gingerbread. So cute and so tasty.
5. Andes mint choco-cookies, sister to Sean’s. Can’t get enough.
6. Linzer
7. Florentines? I think? Light as air lacy caramel nutty thins. It’s like you know you’re tasting something good but is there anything actually in there??

A+ all around. It was an epic day and our hard work really paid off. 🙌🏼

action shot

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