Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Few Important Points

 #1.  Whenever I see someone or hear someone instruct someone else to "take a deep breath," whether in real life or on the television, I instinctively and simultaneously take the breath as well. It's almost like I can't help it.  I think this speaks to my continuing need for self-soothing, nervous system-regulating practices.  Just a nice reminder I get from TV, among all of its other continuing bounteous gifts and benefits.  And it's something I recommend. (Breathing when others breathe-- and also TV in general).

#2.  Something I really enjoy whilst driving is witnessing someone do a sudden U-turn. It's rarely the proper kind, where you stop at an intersection and then pull over or whatever the hey Driver's Ed taught me. Was this how it was taught? I feel like this was the correct way to do a U-turn and now I'm thinking, what? Why would an intersection be the best place for a U-turn.  Ah, at a place where cars slow to a stop--that sounds right. Hmm, I'm going to have to look that up. 

No, it's when someone who was going along like everyone else is like, "oh shoot. Grrr.. ok--I'M DOING IT". And they make this sudden decision.  Sometimes they pull over to the side if cars approach, but sometimes there's a big enough gap and they just whip that car around like a... something you whip around.. and continue on, doing a bold about-face. There's some kind of satisfaction watching someone decide the way they were going was not the way they wanted to go, make a split-second decision, and bravely, forcefully turn and go back the way they came to hopefully a better route leading to where they ultimately want to be.  All these cars and people driving along, going wherever they're going. You think they know what they're doing, we think we do too, and we're all part of the flow of traffic and life. But I love seeing someone shake things up, change their mind. I don't care the reason. Maybe I like that they didn't actually have a perfect plan and that that's ok. YES, I cheer for them to myself. YOU DO IT.  TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. 

#3. I once listened to an interview with George Lucas who told a story of how the concept of Raiders of the Lost Ark (I first typed "car."  I sometimes feel like I have subconscious dyslexia. Or like my brain is in permanent anagram mode. I'm not joking. I think there's something there. But also, it's funny bc I was just talking about cars, and that would make for a much lamer-sounding movie.)  Apparently the guy who worked with George Lucas originally came up with the idea after listening to his dentist talk at length about the powers of the Ark. Isn't that hilarious?  I remember laughing at this because I'm picturing him lying on the dentist chair, forced to listen to whatever the dentist wants to say, subjected to any whim of thought or idea or story or joke, just as we all are, and unable to do anything about it. Respond? change the subject?  Nope, impossible. We can only listen. Maybe offer a gurgly laugh or vague, awkward guttural noise of acknowledgement with tools and drool in and around our face. 

After several visits consisting of the dentist rattling on about this favorite subject (the ark of the covenant) I'm picturing him resigned (like we all are at the dentist's) and being like, "wait a minute.. I just got an idea."  Or, maybe not. Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe his dentist's ark stories were super compelling and he loved visiting just for the dentist's stories which would make for one amazing dentist. This is the kind of dentist I would be, I'm sure of it.

However it happened for George Lucas, I am enjoying picturing this dental scenario. Suddenly I see a reason to choose this profession. I've always wondered. But now I have the answer: To have a guaranteed audience, no matter how obligated/hesitant. Just select a favorite subject and give a daily soliloquy.  "Guess what thought I had today? You're going to hear it, whatever it is!"  Dentists are pretty evil anyway, why not add a separate point of bizarre/random interest to distract from what's going on. I would honestly love a dentist who over-shared or something. I think. I may need to give this further thought. What's the right amount of bizarre/benign? Dentist needs to hit that just right. My dentist growing up just told lame jokes and it made everything worse. 

Well, these were the main points I wanted to make today.  Have a good one. 


Alanna said...

I pretty much spend all my driving time angry at other drivers, so thank you for giving me a reason to enjoy their absurdities rather than being mad about them!

I would totally see you if you were a dentist!

I had a hygienist who had long hair that would hang on my face as she was cleaning my teeth. It was like-- how can we make something that's already AWFUL even worse. {Shudders.} I mentioned this to a friend who is a hygienist and she was equally horrified on my behalf. (I think I actually complained about it when they sent out one of those annoying "how was your visit?" surveys. It never happened again...). Gross.

Jen said...

EWWUH! That is terrible. Dying picturing you lying there, helpless, with stranger hair dangling in your face. Hahaha so sorry. Just terrible.
But I’m honored you’d go to me if I were a dentist! 💓Which will NEVER. HAPPEN.