Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Summer Rain

 I just made myself some writer's tea. What is writer's tea? It's tea you make with specific intent to write. Mine's lemon ginger in an overlarge mug with a white & yellow polka dot interior with "crazy cat lady" emblazoned on the front in nice cursive.  

I'm also wearing shower slippers.  What are shower slippers? That one's pretty obvious but they're slippers you wear right out of the shower, so they're terrycloth-y and meant to towel-dry your feet. I'm wearing them because I just got in from outside and shouted to the sky during a rare unicorn called SUMMER RAIN.  I don't remember the last time it rained like this, at any time of year, let alone summer, where you can visibly see the whole earth just drink it up. It's such a balm. I shouted back, answering the call to the continuous groan of rolling thunder. 

"YES!" I shouted. "YESSSSS. Summer raaaaaainnnnn!!!"  with fists.  I don't know why it feels like a fight. Something about it stirs up the animal inside us, but not real animals because my kitty cat was so scared and was found panicking outside the door when the bomb-droplets started to fall.  

Luckily we had just brought in some porch packages, one of which contained a new patio chair cover as ours is in tatters and useless.  I tore it open and threw it on the chair just in time, somehow feeling brave for risking my own dryness, going out into the storm to protect the object.  "You're gonna be ok!"  

I almost forget sometimes, the real smells of nature.  I usually have to travel to rediscover them.  But I took a deep inhale as nature conceded to bring herself to me, bestowing a gift we don't deserve but one I receive with open arms and bare feet.  Is there a better scent? I am not sure.  Especially when it's impossible to fabricate. We just hope. And we wait.  It's not something I take lightly or want to miss. I yelled to Sean, "it's happening! You'd better come!"  which he did. We stood in the doorway. He kept wanting to chat about things he was seeing but I just closed my eyes and soaked it in with my senses. 

I do love the summer rain. I dedicate the day to it, the capstone and a mere moment.  It never lasts long. It ended before I even finished my tea.  Though, it is a very large mug.  

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