Sunday, June 19, 2022

Father's Day Poem

 I was sorting through a pile paper (one of many strategically located throughout the house) and came across this scribbled poem I had 100% forgotten about.  There's no date (shame on me) but it doesn't look to be that old since there's a reference to a video game. There are so many references to specific things that I can juuuust recall. Only just. I believe it was a very much involved, collaborative effort.   

But I thought, hey, time for a little throwback Father's Day?  I actually just gave myself one and almost cried.  Stupid me. 

So here you go. In honor of the best dad in his own unique and marvelous ways:

Father's Day Poem

A dad who sings
Is a beautiful thing
But radio skips
Anything interesting.
A dad who builds
Is a dad who guilds
A dad who fries
And yet, for some reason
Hates wielding knives
He shows how to sand
Without cutting my hand
He loathes gross talk
But loves to spot a hawk.
A dad who teaches
And takes me to beaches
Sometimes he preaches
And how to discern
For I've much to learn
Like how not to burn
Schools down, and pools down,
And what's in an urn.
He's a gray beard
Not a nay beard
Reluctantly plays Smash Bros Brawl
I have no fear
Bringing questions here
For he's the dad
Who can solve them all. 

That hurt my heart a little. 

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