Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Like the Groundhog Phil

 The other day some friends were telling stories of meeting celebrities. I shared my viewpoint and experience of spotting famous people and completely disregarding their existence because they're not better than me, so I would NEVER ask for a picture, much less acknowledge their presence.  

But then one said they stood nearby Bill Murray somewhere and I was like, ooh.  

Bill Murray.  

And then I said I might actually approach him, and I would look into his eyes and sincerely and solemnly and simply say, "Groundhog Day. Thanks."   

He might be annoyed or confused or mad, and I wouldn't care, and I wouldn't know, because I wouldn't stay.  I'd say my thanks and walk away, and he'd have to decide how to feel about it. Because I am a truth-speaker, and I would know how I felt. Deep, deep gratitude, which is how I feel today and have ever since I saw it in the theaters on the cusp of turning 13, which would prove to be a momentous year of meaningful movies for me.  


Alanna said...

I heard a story, no idea if it's true. But the story goes that some friends of friends were sitting outside a NYC restaurant eating, and Bill Murray walked up and began eating their fries off their plates and told them, "No one will ever believe you."

It FEELS true to me, you know?

I think I need to hear more about the other meaningful movies!

)en said...

I think I’ve heard that story as well, so I bet it’s true. 😀