Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Jen's Vlog

Goodness gracious. I was looking through my blog and found this post in my drafts from June, 2014. I don't even remember these videos. Better post it though,  to commemorate this special day, 02/02/2022.

So i have a few random videos I thought i'd put up in honor of Friday, because if you're like me, by the time Friday rolls around, you don't have the mental capacity to read- ha ha ha. 

First, here's a video i took in Philly.  In the Franklin Science Museum there's an area for weather and you can go into this blue screen cylindrical room where you watch a screen and they tape you being the weather person for a news station.  It was awesome. I loved it. It's hard to get the hand motions right! Just another reason to love Bill Murray even more in Groundhog Day.

I took a video of Sean's weather report and it made me laugh:

This next video was taken last September, after the summer of the cicadas.  On a walk we spotted a lone brown leaf dangling from a tree in an invisible thread. It looked like it was dancing in mid-air.

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