Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday Question

What if you were out shopping, and you had with you a shopping list. Would it make you feel less alone in the world to discover someone else's nearly identical list on an identical post-it note? Or would it freak you out? To know some "Bizarre-o You" is out there, not only in the world but living in the same city as you. Or would it merely bum you out to find out you're just so basic. Just another nameless, faceless cog in the system. 

4th option and best case scenario: You decide it's an actual future list of your own, (the handwriting is uncanny) and where you're shopping is actually the location of a time portal. Now you just need to figure out why, and what it could all mean. And, what you're going to do about it. What is future you trying to tell you? Is it a list of things you're going to need for some life-altering event yet to come? Things that seem insignificant but will play a vital role at some pivotal moment? But to not worry about the crossed-off items because that was for something else?  

I started today with a question that have multiplied into many more questions. 


Alanna said...

If it was similar to mine, I'd be happy that someone else is as boring (or weird? but probably not-- I don't eat particularly crazy foods) as me. I'd start looking around anxiously hoping to meet my food twin (and hoping she isn't grossly overweight from eating the way I do) and wondering if we were about to become best friends. If her notes were also scribbled in teeny tiny writing on the back of one of those day-by-day calendars, I'd have a heart attack. Or start looking for a hole in my purse...

I clearly need to spend more time worrying about the space-time continuum because that never would have crossed my mind. I was not raised watching nearly enough Star Trek.

)en said...

Definitely recommend. I think I’d assume it was some kind of bizarre-o Jen, who’s a little bit lame (which makes sense, if she’s my opposite)