Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Trump* of January

Oh hey there. Happy New Year.  Right now I’m sitting at my desk looking out the window at a wet snushy day. The mountains are snow-covered but it’s been raining all day in the valley which has melted much of the snow on the ground. Rain in winter is depressing. But the clouds are low which tells me the precipitation may not be over yet. I was just sitting here trying to figure out what to do about that when I heard it. The sound of January. The trumpeting honk of the geese.  I LOVE when I hear this. I always gasp because it has become a sacred event for me and a highlight of January for sure.  Maybe the highlight. I don’t even know why. Because I love birds? Because I only hear geese in January and the sound they make is so delightful? Or because I particularly love the geese and how they’re going places this time of year when things are really slowing down for me. When my life feels at a standstill.  And I am inspired by them.

“Go, geese! Get to where you’re going even though it’s so unbelievably dreary this time of year. No sun to be heard of. Dark, cold, wet. And yet, you fly.”  

Maybe they’re telling me that, against all of the odds of my life, maybe I can too.  There were only two of them. I love the idea that, if they got lost from the flock, they have a buddy system and they’re trying to find their way back. Geese would. Geese would have a buddy system.

two buddies

 *I'm trying to take back the word. Think i can do it? If anyone can, it's the geese. 

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