Thursday, December 09, 2021

Nature's Tardiness

 One of my new favorite Christmas traditions is pulling out my vintage December Good Housekeepings. They are pure treasure. I delight in them.  I thought I'd share a few of my findings this holiday season. Here's a gem I recently discovered and texted to a friend.  It's just so good. I'll just let it speak for itself. May it bring you joy and festive advice this Christmastime. 


Alanna said...

Part of me is dying over this, and part of me is wishing we could return to these days... I love how she's holding flowers up to her face for this ad...!

)en said...

Same. I want to incorporate these hilarious turns of phrase into my everyday speech. “Ugh, experiencing some nature’s tardiness, if you know what I mean…” and then walk away. And they won’t. They won’t know what I mean. ❤️