Monday, May 10, 2021


JULIAN: Mom, what's the worst name a person can call you?

JEN: I don't know. "Liar," maybe.

JULIAN: That, I do not have any tolerance for. But for me, the worst thing... well--you know, this isn't even really my opinion. You know what? I share so many opinions but they're all other people's, they're not even mine. I lost the real Julian long ago. 

JEN: Well, I think that's ok. You're still figuring yourself out. It's ok to try out other people's opinions as you're figuring out your own.

JULIAN: But where am I? Every day could be a different Julian. I could be a different person tomorrow.

JEN: That's ok! And I'm totally here for it, whoever you are. 

JULIAN: Are you though?

JEN: Absolutely.

JULIAN: I hope I'm Calvin tomorrow. 

JEN: No doubt. 

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