Saturday, December 07, 2019

Xmas Quotes: Songs

Sean is often busting out with things that surprise me.  As illustrated by this post from a couple of days ago.  I'm still sort of recovering from that.  In fact, as we were working on Christmas cards last night, Julian said, "I kind of see myself as a Christmas card. Like how Dad sees himself as an apple pie."  He then explained how he envisions himself being folded, written on, stuffed and stamped and sent out into the world handed from person to person to person until received by a stranger. Yes, how you're feeling right now is how I often feel after hearing things said by these two.

 Anyway, Sean's music style is often a surprise to me. Sometimes I think I have a vague idea of the kind of music he likes and then he presents something to me so new and to some degree surprising, I start to question whether I really know him at all.  For example, Julian and I came into the room one day, bemused to witness Sean listening to Moana all by himself, because he just likes it. Nobody else cares. I don't think Sean even particularly loves the movie. He just likes the music I guess. And then when I thought about this, I remembered other times where Sean has expressed some preference for Disney songs.  He's kind of a singing Disney princess at heart.

Another example:

This morning I was sitting on the couch reading* and the echo dot made a weird noise out of nowhere.  Startled and a little concerned, I said, "Alexa, what was that?"  In response, she inexplicably started playing the Willy Wonka song "Pure Imagination" and I was a little bit like, what in the fudge. I let her play it though and was at the sink when Sean came downstairs,  amused at my seemingly random song choice (which is ironic) and I explained to him what happened and that I was quite mystified.   He then said, "Well, I ask Alexa to play this at least three times a week, so maybe that has something to do with it."   Once again, I'm left with more questions than answers.

*Not really. I was waiting for the cat to sit on my lap and brought a book just in case, to give me something to do.

And now with Christmas music in particular:

Elvis' "Blue Christmas" came on the station and he said,

"This is my second favorite Christmas song." 

Thinking that a fairly random and obscure pick, I said, "What? It is?"

"Yes. First is "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" from Home Alone.  I sing those songs all year, like when I'm digging a hole for a tree.  Doop doop..." 

And I find myself continuously amused, learning new things every day.

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