Friday, December 06, 2019

Christmas Game

Here's a fun game.  I'm going to post a bunch of pictures and your challenge is to guess what happened to me.  Last pic is a clue.  Good luck and hey, have fun.







Ash said...

You went through the car wash and water leaked in through the sun roof?

You spit out the water you just drank when you saw your cat do something cuhrazy? (That's a lot of water for such a thing.)

)en said...

Something crazy like BE IN MY CAR WITH ME? That would scare the living D out of me and I would spit out one gallon of water, you are correct.

However, your first guess is the right one. Except water didn't just leak through, it sprayed down in the car torrentially when in my spastic haste to close it, I OPENED IT INSTEAD and invited a typhoon onto my lap and in the car all around. The wind was so strong, it opened a sunglasses holder which dumped out some sunglasses. It was insane. And sooooooo stupid. I went to the grocery after that and had to tell the check-out people because I was still a little bit traumatized.

But good job, you win!