Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Rockin' Around

At church, I hang out with a lot of fun gal pals. We had a Christmas party last night and were forced to do a lip sync competition.  We were a little bit hesitant at first because it was like, wait what? And we had like two days to prep.  But my good friend taught us some quick choreography and it ended up being a frigging BLAST.  I loved it SO MUCH.  And I ask myself why I don't do more things like this? I love it. I love it a lot.   Ahh..lots of afterglow over here. T'is a good lesson and reminder for myself. So if anyone has any dance routines they want me to learn or if you want me to bring this group to perform at your family Christmas gathering, you just let me know.

Merry Christmas. Here you go. Find me in the fur hat and my "Santa Claws" cat sweater next to the front lady all in black.   Also if this video is sideways, I'm real sorry.

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