Monday, November 11, 2019

Internet Insult

I make up words all the time. It's what I love about the English language. It's fluid. It's constantly evolving. It can be what you want it to be! But sometimes I feel a little embarrassed when the new word I've "invented" is really just me not being able to realize there actually exists a word to suit my need, I just couldn't think of it.  Because it might be that I sit and type and re-type and think over and examine this word for a goodly long time and still can't think of a better replacement.

For example: paralyzation.  That's not a good made-up word. That's a word used by dummies who don't know a lot of words.

This seems to be happening more and more but I choose to ignore it and claim my brain is still as capable and sharp as ever.  But here's another example.  I am always looking up the definition of words just to make sure it means what I think. I also do this to make sure I have the correct spelling. A while ago, I was typing and the word I kept using was "unawaringly."  This is a dummy word. And I, the dummy, stared at it, thought about it, and while acknowledging its unremarkability, just couldn't think of any good reason why this shouldn't be the word.  I was looking for a word that meant the opposite of "aware."  So I put "un" in front of it. Problem solved, right. Now, no matter that "awaringly" is also not a word and looks just as stupid if not more. I didn't think of that, unfortunately.  But it is so close to looking real, I thought it for sure should be.  Until I looked it up and was harshly mocked by the internet:

First of all, "Did you mean 'unwittingly'"?  YES, INTERNET, was my immediate thought. That's definitely a better alternative.  :(

And then the ensuing insult with a suggestion. Pretending to be helpful but totally rubbing it in:

"'unawaringly' isn't a word but 'unconsciously' means to do something without being aware of it."  Like, let me give you a simple word alternative that everyone knows and then define it for you because you're simple too. ZING.

HMPH. I turned on my heels and left the page but not before I took "unwittingly," pretending that's what I meant all along.


Joel said...

I cringe every time I hear basketball people talk about players being "unselfish." It's selfless, guys.

)en said...

Ha! Yes. We need to make a list of these. Let's add "humbleness" to it. Now I want to think of others...