Monday, April 29, 2019

Why Color Discernment Matters

When I was a teenager, my sister and I would play a game with the Big Box of crayons- you know, the giant box with multiple tiers holding 96 crayons,  that was almost as fun to look at as to use.  And she would select three crayons of similar colors, color with them, then tell me the names of each one and my job was to assign the correct color to the corresponding crayon.  Buttercup, Mellow Yellow, Goldenrod.   Turns out, I was surprisingly good at this.  This has never really benefited me in any real way other than in mundane moments when I'm able to discern a little bit better, which still isn't saying much because poor Sean struggles with the colors and I'm often staring at him like, really? you can't see that's red? Aww.  It's a bit of a bummer and makes me sad for him.

Since I like knowing the arbitrary names of things and acquiring useless skills, this is one I've always been proud of and value for no real reason... until a recent experience.  Several days ago, Julian's teacher sent an email out to parents saying there was a royal blue hooded jacket in their midst that two boys thought was theirs and she was asking for our help to figure out to whom it belonged.  I remember thinking it'd be nice if I could see a pic, but since she said "royal" I brushed it off, for we do not own any royal blue jackets. 

Fast forward to this morning when Julian told me, "Parker* and I were fighting over my jacket the other day. We both thought it belonged to us and the teacher wouldn't give it to me and I had to go to recess with no jacket.  But his jacket has a plastic zipper and mine's metal."   I remembered the aforementioned email and I said, "that was about YOUR jacket? She emailed us! But I didn't think it was yours."  

Although it was unnecessary, I then did an image search of royal blue vs. navy blue and I'll just let you be the judge-- even though I know I'm right--so actually, I'll just watch you come to the same conclusion I did.   You can't just throw around color names willy nilly when jacket ownership is on the line.   The good news is eventually they got it sorted out and Julian got his jacket back. The bad news is his teacher doesn't know her colors.  :( 

royal                                       navy

Also, as I sit here looking at these colors, navy has never really done it for me and I like royal even less.  But I realized there is an in-between color that ROCKS.  What is it, you ask? Care to venture a guess??

If you said COBALT, you are correct. It's awesome! And I would say, a combo of the two.
Go, cobalt!


*name changed


Joel said...

I work closely with graphic designer and occasionally have conversations about Pantone colors. While I wouldn't consider myself a color aficionado, that jacket is CLEARLY not royal blue.

The real moral of the story, however, is to write his name in his outerwear and other stuff he takes to school.

)en said...

Not helpful, Joel!!! jk, you're right.

But yeah- CLEARLY not royal. Thank you.