Thursday, December 06, 2018

Pig Hole

I saw a stray pig the other day.  It was black and just sniffing around by the side of the road and I caught a glimpse as I drove by. I attempted to identify it and it was weird as I mentally crossed off the options of what kind of animal it could possibly be: 



I saw the first Christmas pig of the season, and it made me real happy. 

I just read this to Sean and remembered he had told me an interesting historical fact about pigs when we saw the stray pig by the side of the road. I asked him to tell me again.

SEAN: The Spanish explorers brought pigs as they traveled the continent because the pigs could transport themselves on hoof and take care of their own food needs. Cows can't feed themselves and chickens can't move themselves.

JEN: Can pigs pull, like, a small cart or something?

SEAN: No. Only in Willow do they do that.

JEN: Hahahahaha Willow! I forgot! hahaha!  Like pulling a plow or something?

SEAN: I think so.

He then fact-checked the Willow thing and sure enough:

Image result for do pigs pull a plow in the movie willow

As I continued writing this blog post, Sean continued looking at pig pictures.

SEAN: Pigs are just as cute as dogs, I'd say.

JEN: haha totally.. they are cute.

SEAN (still looking):  What is this...

Image result for pig george clooney 

JEN: We've really fallen down a pig hole here. 

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