Friday, December 07, 2018

Kristmas Kitty

We got a new kitten. We've been wanting one. I think our cat has been super bored and would like one. This week I took Julian boot shopping. He's outgrown his snow boots and then it snowed and, well, you can figure the rest (that we went to get some new ones so he could walk in the snow. Was this explanation not necessary?)

After that, we realized there was a PetSmart down the way and we like to visit the critters there so we decided, let's do it again. Just a visit, why not? Nothing big will come of this. We will walk in the store and walk out empty-handed because we do not plan to buy anything. Not anything whatsoever.


Then we entered the adoption area where each compartment was filled with TINY ADORABLE KITTENS.  So many kittens! So many cats! Hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats!

They were so cute. So many were female, which is what we've wanted.  I thought, I should think on this. I should take my time. I should go home and come back another day with our cat carrier, at least.   No. We just decided to do it. So i bought all the things and we took home a little lady originally named Sabrina but I am really trying to make Marshmallow happen. Every time I hold her I want to call her a treat of some kind. "Little...gooey...peanut butter brownie! With marshmallow fluff!"  *small brain explosion*   

But it was too fun letting Julian choose a kitten and seeing the joy and hearing his happy shouts.  "I just thought this was going to be another boring day shopping for shoes with my mom! I would never have thought this would happen in my wildest dreams!"  (Also: burn) 

I'm a little freaked out introducing her to the big Poo who rules this kingdom.  I'm afraid he's going to eat her.  But I do think he wants a friend.  Does anyone have any tips of how to do this?  Julian is determined to make this new kit his own so he's doing his best to love up on her and help calm her stress and be her best friend.  We put her in a box with a screen to keep the King away a little bit and have since moved her to her own room.   The first night,I looked down to see Julian reading to her from his Garfield comic book and I was dying.  Sean said to me,

"You've taught Julian that the way to love is to read out loud."

Which is just the best. Man, I sure hope she doesn't get eaten. 

Here's a pic of Julian reading to the kit: 


She kneads a lot. Like has an insatiable need to knead. But she doesn't bite, which none of us understands. What? We're so used to Bitey McBiterson.

tiny little baby fuzzy paws! {sob sob sob}

 I like Marshmallow because she looks like a toasted marshmallow, a burnt marshmallow, or marshmallow fluff. Also I want to eat her.  Plus it goes well with Pepper, which we never use. But still.

So far the two cats have been kept separate. When we do bring the little fluff out, our big cat is pret-ty wary.  She is bold and adventurous and wants to be pals but he is like, no thank you.  This morning they stood like this for several minutes, just staring at each other. I think he feels his throne is threatened and with good reason, because she is a tiny queen:

several minutes. Just staring and sitting.

This is as far as he got. He's looking at me give him a stern talking to after I heard strange guttural cat sounds emit. Afterward, he gave up and sauntered to his nest where the tiny one tries to climb up at him and is going to get swiped, I just know it.




Alanna said...

Almost, thou persuadest me to get a kitten. SO CUTE!!!! Craig is allergic, though, so it's a no-go. I LOVE that you did that spontaneously-- that makes it so much more delicious somehow!

Joel said...

We're still working through this with our new kitten. The other cats are outside most of the time but do spend some time inside, especially this time of year. So far the older ones are pretty hissy and swipey (that IS TOO a word, spell check), but Cinder and Vin did sit under the bed looking at each other for quite a while while Vin emitted a low growl continuously. Dortmunder just runs awar from Cinder and hisses if he gets cornered.

Basically it takes a lot of time for them to get used to one another. But after X weeks or months they will learn to tolerate one another, at least enough to minimize outright violence. At least, Vin and Dortmunder eventually reached this point. I'm still hoping Vin's motherly instincts kick in and she adopts Cinder like she has our kids.

)en said...

Swipey is definitely a word, and a good one, too. Thanks for the input! The update is that they chase each other like raccoons for a period of the morningtime and it's really hard for me to tell if the wrestling is play wrestling or gonna kill you wrestling. I tell the big cat, "if you kill it, you can't play with it anymore." I actually think they're doing ok and it's mostly play. They can both chill out near each other which is a big step. The big cat goes out for a portion of the day and when he returned this morning, they bumped noses without any jaws going for any jugulars. Win!

Alanna, I am totally allergic! Ha ha. I think i've been in denial for a while. Some days are worse than others, inexplicably, but yeah. Oh well, i guess. I really can't resist that tiny Marshmallow.