Saturday, December 08, 2018

Spontaneous Christmas Poem

We got our first Lego advent calendar when Julian was pretty small, like two or three.  He's nine now so we thought we were ready for A SECOND LEGO ADVENT CALENDAR.  They are the best. We bought it months ago and have been so excited about it.  We have the calendars side-by-side and generally I do the old one while Julian does the new one.  I'm such a mom.

We were on our knees putting together the little drone for the toy store when Julian started saying something that sounded poetic. When he was done I asked him to say it again because I would like to make it into a poem.  So we said it again together and this is what we've come up with and I love it:

Sometimes I think Christmas will never come
It will never come
It will never come
And just as I think it will never come
It comes.

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