Monday, December 08, 2014

Johnny Cash Christmas

Now that it's December I'm finally able to listen to my more mainstream Christmas Pandora station.  But every time a Johnny Cash song pops on, I just have to laugh. It gets funnier and funnier the more I hear.  I just don't know what to do with his voice singing words like, the little lord Jesus laid down his sweet head...  Or,  The first noel, the angel did say...

I like Johnny's voice, I do. But he's got a sort of drunken quality about him (could have been authentic) or like he just woke up.  It's a strange juxtaposition, to be sure.  Here, listen for yourself:

Johnny Cash sings Christmas songs.

That being said, there is definitely a place for Weird Christmas, though.  Weird Christmas songs, I mean. The off-the-Christmas-beaten-path songs.  The ones that you hear and you're like, what... how...?  what were the circumstances that led this to be a) recorded and b) broadcast on the air? They always sound a little bit like festive dirty little secrets.  Or like it was some kind of Christmas song type of prohibition. People secretly gathered in someone's recording studio basement during a time when Christmas music was banned and stuck it to the MAN.  And then some radio producer is like, guess what album I found at an estate sale! let's play it! Or there's some catastrophe down at the radio station and everyone is scrambling all over the place, papers flying everywhere, meanwhile they're on the air so they mouth playing anything, an-y-thing!  I'm getting carried away here, but my point is that the weird ones are delightful.  Do you have any weirdo Christmas songs you secretly/not so secretly love?


Anonymous said...

We had an entire Album of just such Christmas songs when I was a child. (yes, the vinyl old fashioned type). The one that sticks in my head most often is, "I want an elephant for Christmas". I will have to sing it for you sometime. And yes, it's true. What were they thinking?
P.S. I'm Karin Anderson--I'm not really sure how to post comments to a blog, so we will try. And if it works, I wanted you to know who this is!

)en said...

yay! hey, karin!

that song sounds AMAZING. I would love to hear it. Now that i know it exists, i can't not know it.

I love finding old weirdo christmas albums. I feel like that would be the perfect addition to, say, an ugly sweater party.