Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Issues: Soap Dispensers

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean I can't complain. (-- I think this line was the alternate ending in It's a Wonderful Life.)  Also, I wanted to continue my series of Issues before I lose my steam and realize it's not really a big deal after all.

This one is simple and really just makes me laugh.

I think we've all experienced some sort of dysfunction when using a public restroom. This sounds weird. Allow me to continue.  Perhaps the stalls are too narrow? The doors are ridiculously low?  Maybe the placement of the hand dryers makes no sense.  Perhaps you spend what feels like hours making ridiculously exaggerated hand movements to get your motion sensor faucet to react so you can finally begin washing? This happens to me constantly, and I feel sure someone is playing a trick on me.

Another related problem that tickles me in a delightfully aggravating way is when they put the motion sensor soap dispenser (say that five times fast) too close to the motion sensor faucet. Once I've finally got the faucet going and am frantically washing my hands in spastic motions to keep it going, so it doesn't die and shut off forever, again, on the other hand (ha), what I have is an over-sensitive soap dispenser that keeps churning out soap onto my almost all clean hands. So I have to frantically rinse that off, and on and on it goes, reminding me once again that life is one ridiculous eternal round.

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