Monday, December 03, 2018

Snowy Cold

It snowed yesterday, surprisingly.  No one really saw it coming.  I was having a lazy morning in bed and happened to glance out the window and was like, WHAT IN THE HEY?  It was like in A Christmas Story, when Ralphie wakes up Christmas morn to a snow-covered world.  Inches deep and coating every single branch and twig and surface in the land.  Quiet and still.  Magical! I tried so hard to be mad but gosh dang if that wasn't the prettiest snow ever.  My friend (the same one who has caroling dreams) and I have made vows to each other to meet in the street to do a hate dance at the first snow but I couldn't bring myself to do it this time.   The dance, in my head, consists of cursing at the sky and violently throwing snowballs at the snow on the ground (in case you're curious). 

I'm still in a little bit of denial about winter. More than usual, i mean.  I've resigned to its coming but for some reason I really don't believe it's here.  I'm like, what? Wear gloves? No, what for? Save those for the REAL cold. Even though I have the world's lamest hands that lose all circulation if temperatures drop below 70.   I just don't think it's coming, I don't know why. {shoulder shrug}

By the way, I just did a google image search of "lame hands" just for fun and this was the first image to pop up:
Image result for lame hands
These are not my hands. My lame hands look more like this: 

Image result for raynaud's hands

But it's been cold enough lately.  Cold enough = 30's.  Anything lower than that probably falls under the category of  "stupid cold."  This + my lame hands means I should be well into the habit of wearing gloves.  I have some compression gloves I keep with me at all times but they're not winter gloves.  Anyway, this is getting boring.  My point is, we were in SLC Saturday and learned the Christkindlmarkt was happening. This is a German Christmas market (you would not have been able to figure this out on your own) that I've always wanted to visit and I was like hey, let's go check it out.  The problem was that Sean, the silly, didn't bring his coat. He was doing a little experiment, trying out the "suburban winter" way, where you don't really have to wear a coat, even in winter, because you just go from house to car in garage, to store or whatever location, back to car, back to house.  And he was right. Except he did not plan for spontaneous kindl markets and extended time outside.  He was wearing a sweater but that's it. On the bright side, I apparently keep spare gloves in the car year round so i had some mittens of mine he could wear and also some Julian-sized gloves for the kid.  It pays to never put things away for the spring.

He gladly accepted the mitts and as we walked from the parking lot up the frozen hill to the adorable market, he said the funniest thing and I had to hurry and record it on my phone. It went like this:
SEAN (making punching motions in the air at nothing): I just learned wearing just mittens makes me want to box.

JEN: Oh yeah? Just mittens though.

SEAN: Just mittens, with no coat on.  And not gloves.  If I had gloves on, I'd want to do a Darth Vader choke hold.

JEN: Ha ha ha

SEAN: I respond to costumes.  This is why I shouldn't wear a mask.

Hahahahaha it makes me laugh even now.    It all happened so fast, I barely had time to keep up because it just kept getting better and better.  Quality Sean quote right there and a funny thing to spot in oneself.  "I respond to costumes."  Also it makes me want to put random costumes on him, like my butterfly costume or Julian's dragon costume. 

Anyway, to summarize, it's snowy today and pretty cold and don't forget your gloves (or boxing mittens).


Joel said...

My coworker has the same thing with her hands.

And the clothes really DO make the man.

)en said...

Yup, the Raynaud's. I think it must be super common. And apparently it skips a generation bc one day i was out with my mom and rubbing my hands futilely and she gasped, remembering how her mother used to do that. It was at touching moment, as I continued to lose circulation.