Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Typical Evening

The other night Sean and I were in the midst of another epic Rummikub stand-off.  What usually happens is we both vocally cheer for each other while I silently cheer for myself. Then after whoever wins, we encourage/rub it in the face of the loser by helping him/her with their remaining tiles to see if they're at all playable. Moving around the tiles, reconfiguring.  It's a game I enjoy and one I make Sean play with me when I need a game, stat.    Enter Julian, who is not a fan of most games, and in the evening hours, can usually be found eating a bowl of ice cream and reading from Calvin & Hobbes or a Star Wars Lego book.   Thus it was the other night when the following took place, as recorded immediately on my phone:

Julian, overhearing mine and Sean's game of Rummikub:

"Dad's telling you what's coming. He's foreshadowing."

Jen gives Sean a proud, "get a load of this guy" look and thumb gesture to Julian.

SEAN: That's a pretty great word. I think I learned that word in the 8th grade.

JULIAN: Mom taught it to me.   

(Jen nods with pride, and then--)

Pretty soon I'll know the F word.

JEN: Wha--?!

SEAN: I think foreshadowing is the F word.

Which is funny because Julian has been trying to get it out of us for months even though one time he both heard AND read it because I was watching what I thought was a safe BBC production on the Bronte sisters and had the subtitles on (because, British, sometimes, amiright) and he repeated it right away:  "F--- off?"  I thought that was it, but somehow it didn't stick (?) But sometimes Sean will give him fake ones and it kills me. "Fiddlesticks, it's fiddlesticks."

Anyway, immediately after this, Julian pulled down his pants and, using his bum cheeks to talk, said in a funny voice, "hello, my name is Jack, what's yours?"

And that's just an example of a typical night at our house.


Joel said...

It's been too long since I've had us play Rummikub. I need to rectify that.

1 said...

I have had an absolutely delightful hour-plus reading, laughing, loving your recent posts! Thank you for making my day ... and letting me get a little acquainted with Julian. And Sean's cake for Julian is amazing. You are amazing! Love, Reta

)en said...

Ahh, Reta! I love when you comment. That makes MY day! You're the best, and i love you.